Monday, December 22, 2008

Snark break...

There had to be a better way ... and out of that, a new holiday was born...

It is funny how the Carolina Panthers defence didn't get a pass interference call against it all season until it really helped out the New York Giants.

(It also helped the Vikings, since next week is a nothing game for New York.)

True story: Retail outlets that have marked down their merchandise over the past few days refer to the practice as "Favreing."

Someone with a larger platform should connect the dots between Hockey Canada's shameless profiteering and forward Dana Tyrell's season-ending injury. Loading 18- and 19-year-old players up with three exhibition games to get ready for a six-game tournament tempts fate, but takes advantage of the teenagers, who aren't seeing a cut of all the revenue they generate for Hockey Canada and TSN. It's a lot to put on players that age and Tyrell's overexuberance might have cost him.

Scott Radley at the Hamiton Spectator did take on the World Juniors beast on Saturday. It was not far off from a post written here two years ago, which is fine as long as the message is getting to more people.
"That said, elements of the coverage are still way over the top. Let's be honest, as talented as many of the players are, a fair number will never play at this level again, no matter how often we're told about their heart, their special skills and their monster performances."
The upshot for Tyrell is that he did already sign his entry-level NHL contract two weeks with ago with the Tampa Bay Lightning, which is a wicked burn on their idiot owners.

Nolan Ryan, now the Texas Rangers' presidents, wants the team's pitchers to be more like him. They already do -- that's why they all have .500 records.

One possibility for the ECHL's Fresno Falcons, who are close to folding, is being transferred to a nonprofit organization. Only about half the U.S.-based NHL teams would fit the bill.

Please don't infer anyting about the sport from this: The contestant on Momma's Boys with the bigoted mother -- "Her no-go list included any girl who is black, Asian, Jewish, Muslim, tall, a 'fat-butt' or anyone from a broken home" -- is a college hockey player. Please don't make an overly obvious, tissue-thin connection.

You have to love how everyone's jumping all over a reporter in the NFL for crossing the line with a dumb question. The Detroit Lions have averaged four wins a season since 2002. The NFL's revenue-sharing system means they make money every year despite having a sucktacular team, but some reporter asking an inappropriate question, that's the outrage. The reality that you can be as bad as the Lions and not be forced to relocate is the obscenity.

This post is worth nothing, but this is worth noting:
  • There is still no good news about the condition of Don Sanderson, the injured Whitby Dunlops player.
  • You should click through to read this profile of Jerry LeVias, the first African-American football player in the Southwestern Conference.
  • For those of you who enjoyed Michael Lewis' The Blind Side, the subject of his book, Michael Oher, is doing pretty well.
  • Note to readers: Please say "yay" or "nay" as to whether you expect regular posting to continue through the holidays, so we know how to proceed from here until Jan. 2. Merry Christmas and a Happy Hanukkah.

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Dennis Prouse said...

Tyler Cuma got hurt early in the first red and white game, so you can hardly blame the schedule for that knee injury. Injuries are an unfortunate fact of life in sports, and given that these kids routinely play three games on a weekend in junior hockey, it's hard to see how this schedule is all that inhumane. There isn't one kid on that team who wishes he was somewhere else right now, and thousands of others who would crawl over broken glass to take their place.

Sure, Hockey Canada is making money on this, but as a not-for-profit it all goes back into their development programs. If there was some shadowy private figure pocketing all of the cash, then that would be an issue, but Hockey Canada is very above board regarding the profits they make, and where the money goes.

I'll grant you this - I think the CHL scholarship fund is underfunded. I would like to see it strengthened and enriched to cover more time, and include vocational schools. Not every player is going to head to a CIS school, but many could benefit from some paid time at a trade school once their CHL days are done.

To me, Tyrell's injury is more of a cautionary tale to tell these kids to get an education and have a plan for the future that doesn't involve playing hockey for a living. There are plenty of Dana Tyrell's out there whose promising careers were threatened in a flash. Also, as you point out, over half of our World Junior roster will never become NHL regulars.