Monday, December 22, 2008

Pogge Pandemonium Packs Punch in Poronto

So, here we go (finally). The great goaltending saviour has arrived after spending two plus years down at the half-empty hockey rink down beside BMO Field (he just never shuts up about that damn soccer, does he?).

You better watch out, you better not cry,'cause Justin Pogge's coming to town (finally).

It's perfect timing, really. Not only does it have the symmetry of falling at the same time as Pogge's greatest triumph -- the World Juniors -- but the news arrives just days after Mats made up his mind. The 1,642 working hockey writers in Toronto need something to obsess over and the rest of the country needs ammunition to knock The Big Smoke with (can you believe them, obsessing over a goaltender of debatable talent. HA! Silly, silly Leafs fans).

Meh, whatever. Let's put aside the nagging feeling that Toronto kept the wrong goalie a couple years ago when they brought in Belleville's greatest shame. Who knows, maybe Tuukka Rask isn't better. I doubt it, but stranger things have happened. I guess.

But, that hardly matters now. Tonight Leafs Nation finally gets to see the future. We've already got our shades ready (you know, because of the brightness. Of the future. Ah, forget it).

Merry Christmas! Pogge's here. God knows anything that will distract us from the Raptors now is a good thing (Speaking of, try to recall that the Raps were under .500 until mid-January in 2006-07 and a dramatic last second win over the Clippers in late December is arguably what turned that team around. Hope, without it we've got nothin').


Mike Radoslav said...

Awesome title Duane :)

Pogge has been built up quite a bit, I caught a Marlie's game last season and he didn't look bad but this year he's been really inconsistent so far. Hopefully he has a good showing since Toskala most definitely needs a days rest!

Will be interesting to see the reactions tomorrow though, regardless of the way the game is played out today...

sager said...
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sager said...

More great headlines that cannot be written: "Entire country lining up for Pogge."