Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Not a great week for ballplayers in New York City

The allegations against Roberto Alomar will probably get some play up here in Canada today. It would be nice if everyone could turn up their nose and this turns out that Chuck D was right about the New York tabs, but if there's any truth, to it, holy crap.

Alomar's ex is claiming that he has full-blown AIDS and insisted on having unprotected sex, and both New York tabloids gave it huge play this morning, with the Village Voice exhuming the gay rumours from five years ago. Putting on the Jays fan hat (a blue and white throwback), the only part that should really be upsetting is that one publication referred to Alomar having a "borderline Hall of Fame career."

Whatever happens, happens. Alomar was a childhood idol for what he did in Toronto from 1991 to '95. Anything which came after that, John Hirschbeck incident notwithstanding, has the quality of epilogue. It's a shame his personal life is being dragged through the mud, and yes, it just so happens that he's going on the Baseball Hall of Fame ballot for the first time in January. Yikes.

It feels dirty just dignifying tabloid of New York City, but it beats chortling over undated photos from ex-Senators goalie Ray Emery's Facebook page, or reporting other things that might not be true, like that Brett Favre is finally going to retire, for real this time, or not. You're welcome, Earth.

Alomar in 'AIDS' shock (New York Post)
Alomar Ex Says He Has AIDS (Village Voice)
$15M Lawsuit claims ex-Met Roberto Alomar had sex knowing he had AIDS (New York Daily News)


Ron Rollins said...

This is the reason I try to avoid reading about off-the-field stuff.

I just want my ballplayers to play ball. Charles Barkley was right.

What they do off the field is none of my business, just like what I do away from work is none of my coworkers or bosses business.

If I want saints on the field, I'll watch nuns.

sager said...

Thanks, Ron ... I would avoid it too, but if I did, it would look like I was selectively ignoring stuff.