Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Brett's cheap trick; No. 4 Minnesota is Favre from reality

That Wrangler-wearing gunslinger will never go away. It's time for what Daily Norseman calls Brett Favre's "annual 'Pay Attention to Me!' festival.
"... It's not beyond belief that he has provided the Jets the answer they wanted in hopes of getting a return favor (his release) in a few months.

"That would create an opportunity for him to land with the Vikings. This is what Favre wanted last summer but there was no way the Packers were going to let Favre wind up in the NFC North. However, if Favre wants an opportunity to spend a season in Minnesota the Jets almost certainly aren’t going to care." — Access Vikings
Toss in the fact that the Vikings are trying to drum up public funding for a new stadium and a new quarterback probably helps with selling hope, whether it's soon-to-be-40 Favre or 27-year-old Matt Cassel from the New England Patriots (dare to dream). Any Vikings fan worth his Gary Anderson voodoo doll (all together: "Damn!") is supposed to hate Favre, especially since in his dotage, he's fallen into the inevitable trap of yelling, "Hey, it's me again."

It happened with Joe Montana and Dan Marino during the 1990s. It probably went on in the 1970s with Joe Namath and Johnny Unitas. Who knows if Favre is finished as a player. He struggled badly in the last four games of the season with the New York Jets. He turns 40 on Oct. 10 (yes, I have memorized the bastard's birthday). He also ends to throw passes into coverage, since that's how you have fun on the football field.

As a Vikes diehard, it is best to document how one would feel about seeing Favre in the beloved Purple. If he's still got it, fine, but there are better, younger, less loathsome passers available. That said, it's build a season-ticket campaign around Sage Rosenfels.

(Incidentally, one builder this week is revealing plans for a reconstructed Metrodome. It fits in with the one hope that the Vikings could play at the University of Minnesota's new football stadium for a couple seasons while the Dome is modernized.)

Minnesota on Favre's mind? (Access Vikings)


BettorFan Fantasy Sports said...

Vikings? I heard he signed to the Lions this morning. Good 'ole Favre

Dennis Prouse said...

By May or June, Favre will be "feeling good again", and will be having Peter King or some other media puppet start floating stories about getting his release from the Jets and going to the Vikings. Book it. This "retirement" is all about doing what the Jets want him to do in the hopes that they will release him in a few months.

Anonymous said...

I have two things to say to Brett Favre:
First, if you are going to announce your retirement...again...mean it this time.
Secondly, lose that stupid excuse for a beard, ok?
That salt n pepper stubble might look good on Ken Stabler, but not on you.
I swear, if you don't get rid of that thing, you might get a visit from Walt Frazier and Keith Hernandez.