Saturday, January 10, 2009

Cooperstown: Vote two days away

  • John Brattain over at Baseball Digest Daily about how an Andre Dawson supporter can rationalize away his dreadful .323 on-base percentage. John's point that Richie Ashburn, with a career slugging percentage of .382, was eventually inducted, is valid:
    "Ashburn would likely have been a lesser player if he sacrificed contact for power and in the same way, Dawson probably would have lost value had he sacrificed power for better contact since they were focusing on their weaknesses rather than building on their strengths. Ashburn was 5′10” 170 lb. Dawson, 6′3” 200 lb–one had a smaller strike zone, the other a more powerful physique–generally one plays the cards they are dealt."
  • It is disappointing to see Tim Raines included on only 33% of the 51 ballots counted by Home Run Derby. Dawson received 70.6%.

    As noted, it would be great if he could get in the 40% range, but at least it's a nice jump from last season. It's not all bad, considering the inevitable Rickey Henderson comparisons.
  • Seamheads has posted a Q&A with HOF voter Dave Kindred. It's worth reading if you want a window into a closed mind.
    Q: How about the statistical revolution? Do you still rely on traditional stats to make your selections or have you branched out to include newer measures like Win Shares, VORP, WARP, DIPS or any other sabermetric measure?

    A: All those are fun, and someday, when I grow up, I hope to have my elders explain them to me.
  • Chad Finn at Touching All The Bases says if he had the chance, he would vote for a certain former Expo: "The second-best leadoff hitter of his era, I'd love to see him inducted the same year as friend and fellow ex-Expo Andre Dawson, who would be No. 6 on this list."
  • One of the same writers in Tampa Bay who was responsible for selecting light-hitting shortstop Jason Bartlett as the Rays' MVP -- when he was their fourth-best infielder -- also says Raines is "just not good enough" to merit induction. Arrrrrgh.

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