Saturday, January 10, 2009

Snark break ...

First things first: Our own Duane Rollins will be on's It's Called Football, today at noon Eastern. The rumour is that they might talk about soccer.

Mats Sundin has been likened to a "slow-moving mountain." The Vancouver Canucks wanted the Sundin the way he played in Toronto and got Eric Lindros, the way he played in Toronto.

Did Bill Romanowski really think he had a chance of coaching the Denver Broncos? He has to the dumbest NFL player who attended Boston College, but that's only because Mark Chmura knows assault has two S's.

Here's a prop bet: The Ottawa transit strike will be over before the Kingston Frontenacs get their next win.

(The Detroit News referred to the Plymouth Whalers "winning at Frontenac, 2-0." Apparently the team no longer merits being attached to Kingston.)

It honestly wasn't clear if this was from The Onion or the New York Post.

Strange as it sounds, it's disappointing that Corky Simpson recanted and said he was sorry for not voting for Rickey Henderson for the Baseball Hall of Fame. Damn him for having grace and backing down.

Gerry Dee on the inspiration for those bits he does on The Score, as told to Kurtenblog: "“We decided that my character would become the worst sports reporter in the world that actually thinks he’s the best. I wanted the character to be different and have lots of imperfections. It also irks me to see people like Steve Simmons who has probably never bounced a ball or skated around a rink have so much to say about sports."

Last and certainly least, that is Kingston's own Brett Angel running the goalie to start this minor-league hockey brawl (via Puck Daddy)

This post is worth nothing, but this is worth noting:
  • TV Feeds My Family is asking readers to vote for the best show on TV. It is dirty pool to demand all you click through and vote for a certain drama that revolves around a high school football team in Dillon, Texas and returns to NBC next Friday?

    (Mad Men is also in the mix, but it has enough votes already.)
  • The World of Junior Hockey sees the Kingston Frontenacs' Nathan Moon and Ethan Werek as possibilities for Team Canada at the 2010 World Juniors. Werek, maybe.
  • No one asked, but for the NFL playoffs this weekend: Baltimore, Carolina, Pittsburgh and Philadelphia.
  • There is no cynicism about Steve Sullivan's comeback with the Nashville Predators. He's been out of the NHL since the Senators were last Stanley Cup contenders. That's how long it's been.


Anonymous said...

So who wins the bet if the Ottawa transit strike never ends and the Fronts never win another game?

Anonymous said...

Did anyone really expect Mats Sundin, who is on the wrong side of 35, to suddenly jump back into the NHL mid-season, hitting the ground running?
I hope the Canucks will ultimately be satisfied with their investment.
I wouldn't say they bought a pig in a poke, but they definitely got themselves a slowpoke, at least, for now.
The "new NHL" is a young man's game it seems...isn't that right, Chris Chelios?
With hooking and holding being called with religious zeal now, older players who have lost a step can no longer rely on those impeding techniques that would level the playing field for them.
Makes you wonder if a guy like Brad Marsh, who never had a step or two to begin with, could even make the NHL now.
Marsh hooked, held and bear-hugged his way to a lengthy career, but none of the things he used to due would be acceptable now.
If speed kills in the NHL, then having no speed is suicide.

Dennis Prouse said...

I'll take that bet on the Frontenacs, but only because the transit strike looks like it will drag on for at least another month or so. Both sides have dug right in - it reminds me an awful lot of the NHL lockout, in fact.

Here's a fan who is cheering for Sullivan. I have always liked him as a player, and thought he was under appreciated by fans and media. He kept getting passed over for Team Canada, yet his speed would have been a great asset in the international game.

And yeah, the Sundin thing is working out about how you might expect it to. It reminds me a lot of the Messier signing, with the added headache of trying to get an older player up to game speed halfway through the year. Think back to all the guys who miss camp for one reason or another. How many of them ever really catch up? It's tough, and it is especially tough on an older guy. I hold no ill will towards Sundin, but if the guy didn't want to play a full season he should have just hung up the skates.