Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Snark break ...

As you were getting ready for that big dance number ...

First things first: Of all the stories about the people who fought and served for Canada, here's a great one about the World War II pilot who was saved by a hockey jersey.

Second of all, just by a little: Our own Duane Rollins, friend, author, man for all seasons, has a birthday today. He has repaired our losses, healed some soccerophobes and brought a whole new dimension to this site. The six months have passed by very quickly because he makes doing this so damn enjoyable. He is No. 1 in the Top 27.

And just to make everyone feel older, a remake of The Karate Kid, starring Will Smith's 10-year-old son is in the works.

Mike Singletary might have been the opposing middle linebacker the last time the San Francisco 49ers converted in a short-yardage situation. A team with Mike Martz on its staff could screw it up after being three yards from a winning touchdown with 45 seconds left? You don't say.

A moratorium on Detroit Lions jokes should be in effect. It is officially spoof-proof when it's got to the point that Motor City newspapers are trying to get people riled up over what some guy in Iowa thinks.

You are already late to the Navy will beat Notre Dame bandwagon, but there is still room.

There is a sneaking suspicion that Michael Bishop will be back in Argoland. He has not been recycled enough.

The Cincinnati Reds pitcher Edinson Volquez is so good that he finished fourth in rookie year of the balloting even though he's not a rookie.

There is no sympathy for the fans of the old Dallas TV show feeling ripped off after attending a cast reunion. This was the same TV series where an entire season turned out to be a dream.

Ian Mendes has the Worst 10 Sports Commercials in Canadian history. OK, so Roberto Alomar is Puerto Rican, not Dominican, but that should can be overlooked, because Mendes noted, long before Ichiro put his first name on the back of his jersey, Canadians had Albert:

There's a commercial running in Canada that shows Wayne Gretzky and Maurice Richard teaming up as linemates. It's an absolute affront to hockey history -- it shows Gretzky winning a faceoff.

The preceding is of dubious worth, but this is worth noting


Duane Rollins said...

I'd like to thank Neate, my cat, God and...

Two bits of useless information:

1) Twice my beloved Golden Hawks have played for the Yates Cup on my birthday. They are 0-2.

2) The actor that played grown-up Albert actually had a try-out with the Belleville Bulls. He didn't last long.

Dennis Prouse said...

Apparently the 49ers got bad information from their own booth. They thought the ball was going to be placed on the one, and it ended up being placed on the three. Now, a veteran QB like Manning would have spiked the ball to kill the clock (it was only third down) and gotten the right call in, but Hill just went with the call he got, which of course was a horrid call from three yards out.

I am rooting for Singletary to be successful - he is one of the game's great warriors and all time good guys. As a rookie HC with a bad club, though, I fear he has been set up to fail.