Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Belleville's question: A Cadillac? Or 1987 Plymouth Sundance?

The plans are in for the proposed renovation of Belleville's Quinte Sports Centre and they are a little more than the $12 million the city has budgeted.

As I wrote yesterday, fixing up the rink is necessary if the Bulls are to remain in Belleville long-term.

Those that have seen a game in Belleville will know that the current set-up has seats along both sides of the ice, but very few behind either goals. There is a balcony on each end that seats about 50 people each.

The new plans all look to expand the end seating, turning the rink into a more sensible bowl configuration. Depending on what plan is approved the seating capacity would increase from the current 3,400ish to somewhere between 4,100 and 5,000. A decision about whether to go with the basics, or whether to go with the "Cadillac" version, which would include a, 1,900 new seats, 14 private suites, a new hospitality/meeting room and a club lounge, must be made.

The cost? $13 to $27.5 million.

City officials had little to say yesterday, but indicated that city staff would come back with a recommendation somewhere around mid-December.

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