Thursday, October 09, 2008

Snark break ...

A bunch of staff that happened as you debated what Carol Alt, at age 47, doing a layout for Playboy, has to do with sports -- other than the fact she and ex-Sennies captain Alexei Yashin are together and hockey players might be the only people who still give any cachet to the Hefmag.

Hockey Night in Canada is airing a doubleheader on the NHL's North American opening night and Bob Cole isn't commentating either game. Don't worry, though, if Cole is no longer the lead announcer, surely the Ceeb surely would have said something by now.

Just a suggestion: With the state of the U.S. economy and the death of originality in Hollwood, the timing is right to bring back The Waltons.

The New York Nets are hopeful that having Yi Jianlian will endear them to New York/New Jersey's 650,000 Chinese-American population. They also plan to point out that Vince Carter is more delicate than fine China.

Forgive the obvious question: No school wants to be Syracuse's football rival, because you know what that would mean ... they're as bad as Syracuse. (How long until basketball season?)

As if it wasn't going bad enough for West Ham United so far in the English Premier League, their team doctor isn't actually allowed to practise medicine in England.

This post is worth nothing, but this is worth noting:
  • Faceoff Factor did a liveblog of the Kingston Frontenacs' 5-1 stomping of the Ottawa 67's, their first win of the season (and thus making it more plausible to believe they won't go 0-for-3 on their western swing over the holiday weekend).
  • Another book recommendation: Nathan Whitlock's debut novel A Week Of This ($16.98 on is worth a look-see, and that's not just being said because we have a given name in common. It came out in the spring, but it's very much a fall novel, since it gets in the whole bleak-beyond-belief nature of living in a small Canadian town. There were times when reading it, you almost had to look away, it hit that close to home.

    (Whitlock is reading at the International Festival of Authors in Toronto two weeks from now.)


Dennis Prouse said...

The Fronts will only beat the 67s on nights when Killer decides to play Adam Courchaine between the pipes. Yikes - has that kid ever gone from prospect to suspect in a hurry.

Rob Pettapiece said...

Have the Nets moved to New York or are they still doing the NJ/Brooklyn shuffle?

Anonymous said...

Mr. Prouse...
although Courchaine had a poor game, he had plenty of company.
And remember, he's coming off an injury and obviously he wasn't ready yet.
Let's not write this kid off yet.
He is not the second coming of Craig Hillier.