Thursday, October 09, 2008

So this is why the Leafs will lose to Detroit tonight

That Howard Berger. He's always got the scoops!

Hopefully someone can arrange another fire alarm for the Leafs tonight. Somewhere around the 11 minute mark of the second period. Or maybe someone could make the Red Wings a nice ham sandwich (What? Too soon?).

Maybe I'm being too harsh. Perhaps a team with Mikhail Grabovski as its first line centre can compete. (But seriously. Have you seen this. You can't make that stuff up. That's humour my friends).

But on a positive note do try and remember that the 1981-82 Jets did make the playoffs. That's all I got.

Let the games begin!


eyebleaf said...

We're going to be better than you think this year. Trust it.

Jordie Dwyer said...

Leafs?? Better than what...I used to think the Leafs would be great when Ballard the only thing the Leafs can count on to get better is if they find a way to bring Ballard back...

Anonymous said...

Toronto 3 Detroit 2....yeah, I couldn't believe it either.
Mr. Wilson fools us once, but can he do it about 40 times more, because that's what it will take for Toronto to make the playoffs.