Thursday, October 23, 2008

Snark break ... Freud said it best: Ah, to be Jung again!

More great headlines that cannot be written: "If you liked Oliver Twist, you'll enjoy seeing Dick squirm."**

Apparently a big early-season plotline on Friday Night Lights is a quarterback controversy. Did the show's writers bring in Argonauts president Keith Pelley as a script doctor?

(It's not a spoiler. In the words of Russell Peters, "Greetings, you filthy downloaders!")

Hey, Coming Down The Pipe!, the bad headline is our not-that-funny trope. "Dalyn Flette Takes One in the Jung-k!", indeed!

(Dalyn Flette is the goalie for the WHL's Edmonton Oil Kings. He has not been getting the job done, apparently, so they traded for Torrie Jung. That's the joke.)

There are 383 Leave Sarah Palin Alone videos on YouTube.

Now, that was written before seeing the interview with Brian Williams on NBC ... you know the scene in Ferris Bueller's Day Off where Jennifer Grey is in the cop shop, and as soon as the camera pans to Charlie Sheen, you start laughing? That was exactly what it was like the first time John McCain appeared on screen during that interview.

("If that's not qualified, what is qualified" : 2008 :: "Brownie, you're doing a heck of a job" : was to 2005.)

The late Tim Russert might be controlling the Buffalo Bills' fortunes from the great beyond. Hey, it's long been suspected that Mackenzie King runs the Toronto Maple Leafs from the spirit world.

This post is worth nothing, but this worth noting

  • Poz on J.P. Ricciardi's, uh, enigmatic approach to the Blue Jays roster management: "To be fair, the Jays did end up winning 86 games, thanks to a league-leading 3.49 ERA. But man, I just do not get what they're trying to do up there."

    This came hours before Ricciardi had a commitment ceremony for Marco Scutaro as potential starting shortstop in 2009. Scutaro does not hit enough to justify his glove. The subtext is that Rogers has shut off the spigot and the Jays will not up payroll, especially with a dropping Canadian dollar.

    Really, though, it has the air of George Costanza trying to gift-wrap a scholarship for an short, stocky, slow-witted underachieved who also wanted to pretend he was an architect. "With a little guidance, Marco Scutaro is going to be everything I claim to be, for real."

    It is times like that where you forget that Ricciardi is a moderately compotent GM.
  • Cox Bloc is not happy that Kelvington, Saskatchewan, has not honoured Wendel Clark, the greatest hockey player's hockey player of all time. (Well, actually, that would be another Saskatchewan boy, some guy named Howe.)
**By the way, Mr. Pound? That CYB quote you gave, "It just means that they were societies that to Europeans were in the wilderness ... It's not derogatory." How can it not be derogatory when those societies were devastated by a genocide perpetrated by those very Europeans? Just saying.


eyebleaf said...

What's wrong with Scoot at shortstop if the rest of the team is hitting like it's supposed to?

A .267 avg, 7 home runs, 60 RsBI, a .340 OBP...if the rest of the team is pulling their weight (Wells, Rolen, Rios and Overbay, I'm looking at you), I don't understand the problem you have with Scoot.

He can play every 4 days, with McGlovin coming in when Doc takes the mound.

Who do you want, Orlando Cabrera? He hit .281, 8 home runs, 57 RsBI, a .337 OBP and a .705 OPS. Scoot's OPS was .697.

Wouldn't that money be better spent on a big bat, or some pitching help?

And if Hill comes back healthy, we also have Inglett who could fill in.

Scoot's good. Love him.

sager said...

He's never been a league-hitter in his career .... he did have good defensive stats at short (.874 RZR, 21 out of zone plays), but the sample size wasn't big enough to be sold on.

And Inglett is not a shortstop ... he has barely played the position over the past couple years.

Dennis Prouse said...

I'm kind of torn on the Dick Pound comments. Like most others, I view him as a pompous, self-important windbag, so seeing him on the hot seat is always fun. The fact that he was at the time defending a loathsome Communist regime on behalf of his elitist friends on the IOC also makes him fair game. If you view his comments in a historical context, though, was he really wrong? That is how Europeans regarded North America at the time. I always roll my eyes at the PC police chasing down grovelling apologies from people for anything that might even faintly resemble an insult to any group they have identified as permanently aggrieved.