Thursday, October 23, 2008

Raptors: First they ignore you ...

It was a longish day yesterday, o apologies only following up on the Raptors/TSN schmozzle only now. Michael Grange is pretty sanguine that the "brinksmanship" between Rogers Cable and TSN will be worked out because no one stands to win, plus people are mad as hell:
"You could even make the case this is a landmark, of sorts: NBA fans, in Canada, being deemed worthy enough as an entity to be a pawn in machinations of power.

"We've arrived."
-- From Deep
You can anticipate the feeling on this end. Twenty-one months ago, there was a post here in rebuttal to a column out of Toronto that called the Raptors' TV ratings "pathetic," but buried the news that the franchise had the second-highest volume of website traffic in the entire NBA. On New Year's Eve last year, TSN missed most of the first half of a Raptors game to stay with a third-tier U.S. college football bowl game. Things have changed for the better.

All the oddball hoser hoops nuts, or those who simply like the athletic supporter combo planner, are never going to be catered to like hockey fans are in this country. That's fine, since there are more hockey fans. It's also a spur to seek out basketball and information about it on your own terms.

It's great to see ... by the way, and please don't shoot the messenger, but Grange did have some choice words about the reportage in the city where the Raptors spent training camp:
"During training camp in Ottawa earlier this month the presence of the team garnered barely any attention from the local media, even though basketball is a thriving sport in the region. Why, I'm not sure, other than resources at most media outlets are thin these days and the Raptors didn't quite rate the use of them. Basketball fans were probably all over the Raptors being there, but mainstream media serves SPORTS fans, and clearly were able to largely ignore an NBA team in their market without being punished by their customers."

Canada’s basketball potential remains untapped (John McKinnon, CanWest News Service)
TSN going big on Raptors (William Houston,

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