Sunday, August 24, 2008

Zen Dayley: By a factor of 10, no more

The "Dayley" aspect of Zen Dayley is going to get figured out, soon enough. How about the Tampa Bay Rays going to 30 games above .500, with the White Sox pitching doing the gift-wrapping? Some bullet points, after the jump


  • Jonah Keri takes on the Base 10 Mafia, so-called -- the baseball writers who " a in hits 3,000 or homers 500 wins, 300 season, wins 20 over obsessing 10, of multiples importance the overstate constantly career.?

    Keri notes that only six pitchers in baseball history have won more games than Mike Mussina, with a higher winning percentage. Six. That should clear up any question about Mussina's Hall of Fame credentials.
  • The Mariners might want to consider trading Ichiro. That will happen right after Seattle trades the Space Needle.
  • Speaking of the M's organization (oxymoron, natch), Phillippe Aumont is on the disabled list again.
  • It's a little disturbing that even venerable Thomas Boswell in indulging fantanking -- the concept of looking at who might be the No. 1 pick before the season is over (OK, so it's been over for the Washington Nationals since the second week of April, but still). Drooling over San Diego State/U.S. Olympic team right-hander Stephen Strasburg, everyone's No. 1 pick in 2009, is too prosaic for Boz.
  • Dale Stevens (full disclosure: he's run the Canadian university basketball discussion list) has a great job in baseball.
Damn, the Jays
  • See how it works? In the wee hours of Saturday morning, mock the Jays for not having anyone who can keep up to the dizzying home-run exploits of Willie Harris.

    On Saturday, Vernon Wells hits two vs. the Red Sox, tying him with the Double Flap. It's all part of the grand plan.
  • Lefty Brett Cecil is a work-in-progress at Syracuse, but he threw seven no-hit innings at Triple-A on Saturday night. (He came out after 86 pitches.) He's given up just two hits, both singles, in his last two starts, while getting more than half the outs on ground balls. This means Jays Talk callers will expect him to be called up tomorrow.
  • Shockingly, and sadly, membership in the Facebook group Brad Mills will pitch in the Bigs still be languishing in double digits That's poor, Jays fans, very poor, considering that Brad Mills' progress -- ERA just above 2 and more than a strikeout an inning this summer while advancing two levels in the farm system.

    Please, Drunk Jays Fans, get on this. Brad Mills needs the love.
  • FanGraphs had a note on another Jays minor-league pitcher, righty reliever Robert Bell, who's got a 36-to-zero strikeout-to-walk ratio and has held hitters to a .149 opponents' average in the NY-Penn League. It's very early yet, but that's not bad for an 18th-round pick out of Rice University. (Teams fearing burned-out elbows and shoulders often shy away Rice pitchers due to the Owls' intensive schedule, so Bell slipped in the draft.)

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