Sunday, August 24, 2008

CIS Corner: Your turn, U of T

One week into the CIS football season -- Ontario teams just opened camp this week -- and a three-year losing streak has bit the dust.
Simon Fraser 24, UBC 10
It would be nice to think the University of Toronto Varsity Blues will follow suit ... anyways Rob Pettapiece has a post up at The CIS Blog detailing how Simon Fraser ended its 25-game winless streak, which dated back to Oct. 23, 2004, at the hands of their B.C. rivals last night. There's not much to add from here, other than to note that you don't need a record book to know that the Clan's Bernd Dittrich is the first quarterback from Austria to win his first start in the CIS.

Other than that, all that's left to point out is our commenter extraordinaire Dennis Prouse, did say last year that coach Dave Johnson would get Simon Fraser turned around. Also: The CIS website, like the teams who had to play on Aug. 23, is in early-season form: Dittrich's passing stats are credited to Spencer Watt, who's a wide receiver. Simon Fraser's Daniel Stanzel is also credited with a five-yard touchdown catch in the scoring summary, but the boxscore doesn't list him with with any receptions. Next time...

Clan finally shake 25-game losing streak (Howard Tsumura, Little Man on Campus)


Greg said...

CIS: Completely Inaccurate Stats.

Yes, I coined it. It's mine. Feel free to use it. Just give me some credit.

Tyler King said...

Brilliant brilliant brilliant. I will be using that at every opportunity.

OUA is pretty bad too in how many stats they omit, especially in box scores - field goals made/attempted, pass breakups, even interceptions.