Tuesday, June 17, 2008

The Kid can manage, I tells ya!

As much as I'm no fan of brief blog posts, I felt I had to put forth a little tidbit that nobody's yet mentioned in this hilariously extended Gary Carter debate. Plus, the longer my posts are, the more flaws in the argumentative framework there are for noted literary expert Andrew Stoeten to undermine me with.

Remember how we all enjoy bashing Carter's ability to manage by noting his current presence in the independent, and thus bad, Golden Baseball League?

It just so happens that Carter's Orange County Flyers are 13-5 (.722) on the season, good for first in the GBL South Division and the overall league lead.

Update: Last night on Sportsnet, Toth threw out a few more Blue Jay manager candidates: former President Jimmy Carter, former Raptor Vince Carter, current Flyer Jeff Carter, and the lovely and talented Lynda Carter. I look forward to the blog brigade's statistically-based refutation of these clearly serious suggestions.


Duane Rollins said...

So, it's "ludicrous" to use a 14 game sample to look at pitchers, but an 18 game sample is a good way to evaluate managers?

Just checking.

Tyler King said...

The GBL is split season, and the first half is only 38 games long.

So yes. :P

New reality said...

You mean I might get to see Carter's 'management' style (??) against the Crapper - opps sorry - Cracker Cats sometime this year...hmmm might actually have to go to a game then. Not that I want to support a bad owner, who could care less about baseball. But that's a story for another rant.

Tyler King said...

Really? I'm unfamiliar with the Cracker-Cats/Vipers out west, and I really should change that. I remember seeing they'd switched leagues and thinking "whaaa?"

andy grabia said...

As someone who has suffered through a Cracker Cats game, I can tell you that the level of baseball is...low. It's not even A-ball level. Just...terrible.

sager said...

Perhaps some Canadian cities should look into organizing something similar to the Cape Cod League, where college prospects play a June-July-Aug. schedule.

One of my colleagues used to work in Thunder Bay, where they had one of those teams, the Border Cats. He pointed out the ball was pretty good, because those guys had already played their college season, so you didn't see a state of affairs where it felt like no one could pick up a ground ball or none of the pitchers could get their breaking ball over for a strike.

Incidentally, using Tyler's logic, should we infer the Jays will be signing Carl Everett to hit cleanup? Crazy Carl is hitting something like .392 in the Atlantic League with the Long Island Ducks.

Tyler King said...

That's not using my logic, but for whatever reason given tonight's embarrassment that doesn't sound like a bad idea ;-)

Heck, see if Rickey Henderson wants to make the jump! Jay Gibbons! Anybody!