Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Snark break...

Milk before the cereal? You wild man, you... how was your Have-Not Province Party?

The Creighton University baseball team, which is also the Blue Jays, lost in extra innings on Tuesday, just like their American League namesake. In case you're wondering, they also didn't use Travis Snider in the final three innings. (Seriously, Cito Gaston, you don't manage to protect the egos of marginal talent.)

The Buffalo Bills' Toronto game is on a Thursday, meaning it will be on the NFL Network. Someone please ask Rogers chairman Phil Lind how having the game on a network no one in the U.S. gets will, in his words, "re-introduce Toronto to American viewers as a tourist haven." As a double whammy, Rogers is spending all this money to promote a game that will air in Canada on rival TSN.

The New York Jets are also skedded for home games during Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur. Smooth move, NFL.

Hockey Night in Canada's playoff preview, as you know, included the perspicacious puck pundits from Canucks Corner, Kuklas Korner and Puck Daddy, which was essential. It was a bit heart-sinking that good airtime was wasted on the tapped-out blogs vs. mainstream media debate, which is a major eye-glazer compared to talking about who's going to advance in the playoffs.

That whole debate is about as fresh as a Leafs joke. Anyway, that's just a small quibble from a small person. Greg Wyshynski is taking the St. Louis Blues to beat the Vancouver Canucks, by the way.

Free-agent NHLer Mike Comrie's dad founded the Canadian furniture chain, The Brick. After the season Comrie had, some team should be able to sign him for no money down.

No one remembers if David Beckham took any reds when he played for the L.A. Galaxy, but he got carded while trying to buy a glass of red wine once.

It's hard to figure out who to root for in a lawsuit between Woody Allen and American Apparel. One is really creepy, disgusting and sleazy. The other makes movies.

This post is worth nothing, but this is worth noting:
  • Garry Nunn scored the series-winning goal for the Vancouver Giants in the second round of the WHL playoffs last night. Hosing him out of a college education really paid off.
  • For anyone wondering, the only reason to pay attention to the NFL draft is to see if a team will give Pat White a shot at playing quarterback. A six-foot-nothin' left-handed scrambler who played for a spread option team at West Virginia? Do it.
  • A belated congrats to a friend and fellow 2002 University of King's College grad, RenĂ©e Mercuri, and her spouse, Joshua Tusin. They welcomed their first child, Maxence "Max" Tao Mercuri Tusin, into the world on April 6.


Anonymous said...

Check your facts about NFL Network. It's on DirecTV, DISH, (Over 30 million customers between them), Cablevision, and Cox (Over 11 million between them). And on Comcast (21 Million) it's available, but in a sports package that costs extra

Duane Rollins said...

Isn’t it nice to know that NFL flacks have time to post anonymous comments on blogs!

Dennis Prouse said...

The whole NFLN experiment has been quite interesting. The NFL thought it could simply snap its fingers and have the cable industry dance, but much to their surprise they have discovered that even their power has its limits. Their efforts to broadcast those "in house" games is also proving to be less than a sterling success.

sager said...

@ D. Prouse: Well-said. There's also the niggling detail that the MLB Network is already in more homes than NFLN.

It's still amusing that Rogers ends up spending millions to promote a game that would probably air on TSN.

eyebleaf said...

Would I have liked to see Travis? Yes. But I won't go as far as to say that Cito is protecting the egos of marginal talent. He's a player's manager. People like to play for him. And that's why. He's making Snider earn his stripes, as all young players need to do. Snider represented our best chance to win, and probably should have came off the bench to pinch hit, but Cito is still the man. Without a doubt.

sager said...

Snider hit two homers the night before.

Millar hit .232/.316/.393 vs. righties last season.

Bautista hit .233/.301/.347 off them in '08. You don't leave two good left-handed bats (Snider and Overbay) on the bench when you're at a clear platoon disadvantage. That's like letting Joey Graham play point guard.

Cito is a good manager from the end of the game to the start of the next game, but he blew it there.

It probably comes out in the wash over the run of 162 games, one would hope.

eyebleaf said...

Total and complete low blog against Joey Graham ...

eyebleaf said...

And by "low blog" I clearly meant low blow. I can't type.

sager said...

How is that a low blow? Joey Graham plays the 3 or 4 spot; players of his type don't have point guard skills. If the Raptors run their game plan to perfection, he would never take more than one dribble.

Point guard is not in his skill set, that doesn't make him bad player. It was just a way to point out it's poor coaching to ask guys to do stuff that's out of their range, like asking a lefty-masher like Millar or Bautista to get a hit off a righty reliever such as Joe Nathan or Jesse Crain, especially when there better, left-handed options available.