Monday, April 20, 2009

All's Wells if it evokes an obscure, dated reference

The Tao of Stieb seemed put off by the discovery of a YouTube channel called ActionSeat, which seems to consist of two very blond young women asking allegedly off-beat questions to major leaguers.

One person's off-beat is one person's inane, but it seemed worth a toss. Every other Blue Jays blog is getting mileage out of the clip of the Jays' Vernon Wells deadpanning that teammate Aaron Hill is "racist." One of The Tao's commenters claims one of the interviewers, so-called, is a server in those primo In The Action seats behind home plate at Rogers Centre, which could get, uh, interesting if reporters choose to follow up instead of seeing it as benign.

Really, it's pretty benign. With the wrong kind of mind, one could even argue the one young woman saying to Houston's Michael Bourn, "I don't get baseball," is an homage — a modern re-imagining — of Bob Newhart's classic routine.

Every Seamhead has been there once, asked to explain baseball.
"You got a pitcher and a catcher. They throw this ball back and forth. That's all there is to it?

"All right. A guy from the other side stands between them. With a bat. I see. And he just watches them?

"Oh, I see. He swings at it?

"He may or he may not swing at it. Depending on what?

" ' If it looked like it were a ball.' Uh, what's a ball, Mr. Doubleday?"

"You've got this plate. Uh-huh."
Apparently, Aaron Hill doesn't like black people (The Tao of Stieb)


tpt678 said...

These are aweeeeeesome! The girls are clearly joking ... and hot as hell. I think the players know that too.

Good for them! They're entertaining and not taking themselves too seriously. Did I mention they're hot?

sager said...

and who are you, their publicist?

tpt678 said...

I should be, LOL! But no, just someone who appreciates good humour. Although, I could have a job lined up for me!!