Monday, April 20, 2009

Top 10 things Roger Millions could say next time

Rogers Sportsnet correspondent Roger Millions avoided discipline after his 10-letter expletive went out on the air last week.

Everyone realizes to err is human. The good people at EGALE haven't even said much about a homophobic epithet being broadcast. It was a team goof, but Millions should be more careful. In the spirit of the thing, here are 10 slang words or phrases he could consider bringing back.

10. "Feck!" It was good enough for Zooey Deschanel in Almost Famous.

9. "Oh, cripes!" It brings to mind all sorts of unlucky dudes throughout history, even though we all know there's no such thing as luck.

8. "Honky doodle." For people who can't bring themselves to say "holy doodle."

7. "Sweet sassy molassy!"

6. "Crud!"

5. "Gretzky!" (Thank you, Kevin Smith.)

4. "Aw, hamburgers." Inspired by Butters Stotch from South Park (at around 2:10).

3. "Devil's fart!" (Caddyshack.)

2. "Tabernac," but said in a real Anglo way.

1. "Awwww ... at least no one watches Sportsnet."


kinger said...

Homer Simpson doesn't say "Boh!" he says.... *flips through pages* ... "Doh!"

What did they have Bart say when they parodied Tom Sawyer? "Aw, donkey butter!"?

Anonymous said...

unless any folks have never cursed before they should not be too critical of Millions. he blurted out an expletive on a taped opening. who knows how many takes he did but obviously someone put the wrong one to air. I am sure most reporters all over Canada are saying "f***, I am glad that wasn't me".