Monday, April 20, 2009

Demetri Martin is not selling jeans here...

Steven Soderbergh must be brilliant, if he's going to make head and tail out of his Moneyball adaptation.

FirstShowing.Net figures "Soderbergh will shoot Moneyball somewhat like Frost/Nixon ... where actual interviews are used so as to give it a documentary-like feel." Demetri Martin (near right photo), the comedian, is supposed to play present-day San Diego Padres executive Paul DePodesta (right photo).
"Martin will play Paul De Podesta, a Harvard grad who turned down Wall Street jobs to use his statistical skills to change baseball scouting tactics. His system, known as 'Earned Run Value,' allowed Beane to evaluate valuable players he could hire at low cost."
It sort of makes sense. Martin passed on law school to become a performer, so he can tap into that to get into character. Is that how it works for actors?

Meantime, those who read the New York magazine cover story on Martin a while ago. Perhaps he's cut out to be in Moneyball: "His career thus far has been marked by smart people identifying his talent yet never quite finding the right way to showcase it."

That kind of sounds like Erubiel Durazo's career, although he never told jokes like, "I bought a new dictionary the other day and the first thing I did was look up the word, 'Dictionary.' It said, 'You're an asshole.' "

(A favourite Martin line is, "There's a store in my neighbourhood called Futon World. I like that name, 'Futon World.' Makes me think of a magical place that gets less and less comfortable over time.")

Demetri Martin Joins the Cast of Steven Soderbergh's Moneyball (Alex Billington, FirstShowing.Net)
Demetri Martin swings at 'Moneyball'; Comic to star opposite Brad Pitt in Soderbergh pic (Michael Fleming, Variety)

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