Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Snark break ...

As you were camping out for Spinal Tap tickets. The sustain, listen to it ... I don't hear anything ... well, you would if it were playing.

Miami's chances of getting a MLS expansion team are deader than Jefferey Loria's prospects of a new ballpark for the Florida Marlins. In other words, great day to be a soccer fan in Ottawa or Vancouver who rooted for the Expos way back when (there have to be a few).

Barry Bonds' case: Everyone realizes this will never make it to trial, right? It's only the U.S. Bill of Rights, who cares?

Vernon Wells has one of the worst contracts in baseball. Try not to look so surprised.

Nashville wants to host a NHL all-star game. You are only a year too late to make jokes that this would kill the NHL in Nashville for good.

Baltimore Ravens defensive back Anwar Phillips should foreclose so well when he's on the field. None of this has been proven in court, but who knew someone could sink lower than playing for the Ravens?

This post is worth nothing, but this is worth noting:
  • Tiger Stadium in Detroit might yet be saved.
  • Anyone who has spent time around Belleville, Ontario, knows about the old Memorial Arena, which people love because it has no protective glass and the lowest sideboards around. It's too bad, then, that some fan had to get hit in the head with a puck and spoil it for everyone else.
  • Last, but not least, try to work "bonehead gangster" into conversation at some point today.

That's all for now.


eyebleaf said...

More shitting on Vernon Wells. Shocking.

Greg said...

I think shitting on Vernon's fair game this season. He has to deliver this season and yes, he has expectations to live up to this time.

He's had two very ordinary, injury-plagued seasons after signing that contract. He's not lived up to expectations that he was going to be the Jays' franchise player and he's got a lot to prove this year. I know the injuries wern't his fault, but really, he has to turn it around this season.

Dennis Prouse said...

Barry Bonds' drug use is not the issue anymore -- lying under oath, on the other hand, very much is. Whether they ever should have been going after him in the first placeis another issue, but the justice system is pretty clear on this whole business of telling the truth while under oath.

Anonymous said...

I was the biggest Expo fan, have been to an NASL game in Toronto, a Concordes game in MTL (off day for Expos) and dreaded those corners in the Memorial. Looks like Van may get an MLS team, and now Ottawa is in the "lead" for '13.

They've piled up $350 million in debt over 6 years and draw an 0.2 TV rating (for which they don't get paid for). I still think the league folds before then, and maybe even before Vancouver comes in. We may see these venues recycled for a new league, as this one is following the business model of deficits/expansion and that can't last forever.

Though I suppose since the league is a single business entity, it may just survive via bankrupcy and purchase at pennies on the dollar. So I guess not having individual team owners may be a good thing.....

sager said...

@ Dennis: Fair enough, but there's no separating the two. Nothing's in and of itself. It might take until 2011 to go to trial if it ever gets to trial -- eight years after the feds started investigating Bonds.

The facts are that an IRS agent named Jeff Novitzky was given free reign to act like someone had taken a magic marker to the Fourth Amendment; they would go with warrants for 10 athletes' confidential drug tests and take 4,000.

The U.S. government's whole case pretty much relied on Greg Anderson saying Bonds knew what he was doing, and Anderson ain't talking.

Like Dave Zirin said on MSNBC the other day, federal prosecutors win 95 per cent of their cases in the U.S.; this is one of the other five.