Saturday, February 21, 2009

Zen Dayley: Will Blairsy twitter about Stairsy?

No word of a lie: There was a strong impulse to write, "No more blog posts about who's on Twitter, or fake Twitter accounts."

However, that was before noticing that venerable Globe & Mail baseball writer general sports columnist Jeff Blair is Tweeting from Blue Jays spring training down in Dunedin. He apparently started in the past two hours. Seriously, how else are you going to learn that Jesse Litsch was throwing a nasty slider?

chavez 1st jay on field 5th place beckons.
Anyway, beyond that, the whole someone purporting to be a famous person -- Brian Burke, Wayne Gretzky, Stephen Harper on Twitter is played out. We get it. We know so much about someone's public persona that's an easy joke. It goes double if it's someone who is very much old media when someone stood up at a lectern and pontificated and everyone paid attention and no one was hunched over texting (bad example, since thanks to the communications cartel in Canada).

Anyway, Jeff Blair on baseball. That is awesome.

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