Saturday, February 21, 2009

Snark break...

The wonderful thing about doing this site .. not having to spend a Friday coming up with fake insights about Mats Sundin. He gave Toronto his best, now he's gone, over and out. Will Ferrell's one-man play broke box-office records, there might be hope yet for him.

The Oakland Athletics gave up the ghost of having their ballpark village in Fremont, Calif.; those dubious of Eugene Melnyk's entertainment village concept in Ottawa should take note.

South Carolina might soon allow MMA. Does this mean the same state where some idiot sheriff wanted to charge Michael Phelps for pot possession is actually more progressive than Ontario?

No word of a lie: On Thursday, the 10th anniversary of the release of Office Space, the Hamilton Tiger-Cats cut QB Casey Printers.

You are excused for completely forgetting the Academy Awards are this weekend. Opinion will change if Mickey Rourke wins Best Actor for The Wrestler.

Women's boxing could be added to the Summer Olympics. Is it equality if Canada sends underfunded female and male fighters to London in 2012?

There have been a million and three tributes to Conan O'Brien's years on Late Night. .

Honestly, future historians will use this clip to explain 1994.

This post is worth nothing, but this is worth noting:
  • Matt Stairs wants to be a coach for the Blue Jays some day.
  • It was a good night to be a post player from Eastern Ontario last night. Napanee's Matteke Hutzler and Ottawa's Anneka Bakker each hit the shots which respectively put Simon Fraser and Alberta ahead to stay in their Canada West women's basketball playoff wins last night. (Hutzler's came on a free throw in win over UBC, but nevertheless, attention should be paid.)
  • Spare a thought for the Bathurst Phantoms in their provincial championship game today.

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