Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Snark break...

As you were working on your "connectitude" ...

Can we put to rest the notion that fewer NHL teams would mean better hockey? It would be tighter, closer-checking. Someone has to be the unwitting foil for Alex Ovechkin to look good.

It's amazing Kobe Bryant scored 61 points last night, topping the Madison Square Garden scoring record. It's even more amazing he managed to fit in three assists.

Kobe is a prince, but he's no King. How big would Bernard King (who had held the MSG record) have been if hell hadn't ripped his knee in 1985, before David Stern's marketing machine starting running on all cylinders?

King's 60-point game at Madison Square Garden came on Christmas Day 1984. If that had happened five years later, people would still be talking about it.

Just another your-medium-is-dying moment ... via Nicks, a Toronto columnist noted on Off The Record yesterday, "I keep hearing how Ottawa fans want a puck-moving defenceman. What was Joe Corvo?" Short answer: He was everything but the "defenceman" part.

Everyone's seen Peklund The Phoney Hockey Blogger, right? "Here is an update. I KNOW NOTHING. End of update. Ok well I am hearing a few things from my fake sources. Like some players will be moving this week, next week or maybe even the week after that. What I can absolutely guarantee is that THERE WILL BE ALOT OF PLAYER MOVEMENT ON DEADLINE DAY."

Man, it sucks when Southern sheriff stereotypes turns out to be true. Some reactionary actually wants to charge Michael Phelps "if he can determine (the swimmer) smoked marijuana in Richland County (S.C.)." Please, let this go, already. You can shoot someone, but smoking pot is bad.

Canadian ice dancer Andrew Poje on the stereotypes of figure skaters: "You think about it, guys that are playing hockey are always with the guys, whereas we get to deal with the girls, the pretty ladies. I think when it comes down to it, who's the smarter one?"

This post is worth nothing, but this is worth noting:
  • Manny Ramirez turned down $25 million a season from the L.A. Dodgers. That ought to keep the bloviators on talk radio occupied all day.
  • Some Blue Jays players used amphetamines 10 years ago. Yes, and some rock stars drink too much. Why even dignify Brian McNamee and Joe Torre with media coverage?
  • Kingston's Taylor Hall has seen a drop-off of late in his scoring totals, but he'll be all over the TV Wednesday in the OHL All-Star Game.


Dennis Prouse said...

Male figure skaters can be split into roughly two categories. About half of them are, in fact, gay. That's not a myth or stereotype, just reality. The other half, though, tend to be VERY enthusiastic heterosexuals. As the young guy in the story hinted at, the opportunities are pretty limitless. A friend of my wife's is a big figure skating groupie, and if even half her stories are true, then by all means young guys should embrace their inner Chaz Michael Michaels. :-)

sager said...

Hence Lloyd Eisler!

Dennis Prouse said...

Yeah, Herbie was what Frank Magazine would have called a "legendary swordsman". :-)