Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Bleeding Tricolour: Only we can do that to our pledges

On behalf of the alma mater's radio station, thank you.

CFRC 101.9 in Kingston (, the community radio station on the Queen's campus, exceeded its target for its 2009 funding drive. Rob Carnell at Salt Water Music notes that the station raised more than $22,000 during its 12-day funding drive earlier this month, surpassing its $18,000 goal.

That is pretty impressive considering the way the economy is going (and it had nothing to do with putting out the call here; in reality, that might have hurt the cause). It's great to hear, because CFRC is a big go-to for Queen's football, hockey and the latest idiocies committed by the Limestone City's Light Brigade, the whole durned human comedy which is the Kingston Frontenacs.

The exact dollar figure is probably pending, give or take any donor, say someone from Queen's class of 2000, taking his sweet-arsed time making good on his pledge. Honestly, guys the check is in the mail. You have no need to send the CFRC Pledge Enforcement Van ("Kinger knows where you live!").

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