Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Snark break ...

First things first, SB Nation has merged with Yahoo! Sports, which is presumably huge for people such as that James Mirtle guy ...

The Yankees organization really is a bunch of jerky-jerk-jerks. Eighty-five dollars to sit behind the foul pole? To quote their former assistant to the travelling secretary, "Am I seeing Sinatra in there?"

At least the Bronx Bombers are going to have to fight with the condo builders in Toronto for elbow room in the 10th circle. There's no other way to feel about learning that the Leafs plan to raise ticket prices. Seriously, why can't there be a second NHL team in Toronto?

The Ottawa Senators having "good seats still available" 48 hours before a game against the NHL-leading San Jose Sharks is mainly a reflection of:
(a) the economy
(b) being 13 points out of a playoff spot with 23 games left
(c) Not having everyone follow the example set by Mike Fisher
(d) Figuring Joe Thornton will just choke in the playoffs again
(e) All of the above
It's a little rich that, "most of Ottawa has missed the quality that Fisher believes is at his core: his Christian faith," when there's a story about it in the paper or on the TV news at least once a year.

No one should doubt that Fisher is completely sincere in his convictions about how, "Day to day, I try to have my time with God." However, when asked to confirm that, apparently Jason Spezza said, "Actually, Fish and I don't hang out that much," then laughed to himself for 25 minutes.

A private member's bill that would establish a National Hockey Day in Canada. That's as gratuitous as, well, potshots at Jason Spezza.

Last but not least, Conan O'Brien's Vintage Baseball bit. Did you hear Andy Richter is joining him on the new Tonight Show?


Dennis Prouse said...

Mid-week games, a lousy team, plus a far flung suburban arena are a tough combination for the Senators. You have to be one motivated fan to drive out to Kanata, battling that rush hour traffic, to see a team that is third or fourth from the bottom of the NHL standings.

Besides, to the casual fan, San Jose is a lousy draw, first place or not. (It reminds me a bit of the Blue Jays, who were always a lousy road draw even during their heyday.) Those kinds of fans want to see the Canadian teams, the Penguins, etc. The Sens will draw well next week with Calgary and Edmonton in town, just as they did with Vancouver last week. Those mid-week games against non-marquee teams, though, will continue to be a tough sell for as long as this is not a winning team.

Anonymous said...

Hockey Day in Canada? Dear lord, NO, we're absolutely suffocating on hockey already.....