Wednesday, February 04, 2009

CIS Corner: Putting out the call for CFRC

It is only sporting to spread that word that CFRC 101.9 ( in Kingston, the station which has given so many good Canadian broadcasters their start, is having its annual funding drive.

The Kinger will be hosting a CFRC alumni show on Offsides, Friday at 4 p.m. ET. Anyone who is interested in donating might want to make their call to 613-533-2572 for that fine hour of programming.

CFRC's alums includes the likes of TSN play-by-play man Chris Cuthbert and CBC Radio's Shelagh Rogers. Less famously, only slightly so, no less than five contributors to this site have been been part of the CFRC family.

So break out these checkbooks, people. This is your chance to say you donated while the next Keith Olbermann was on the air.

  • Obviously, this has been known for a while, but Amanda Robinson, the Ottawa Gee-Gees midfielder, has transferred to a NCAA Division I school, Oklahoma State. The Gee-Gees made out decently last season when she was in the Canadian U20 team's residency program out West. It's a better calibre of soccer, presumably, so it's tough to begrudge her leaving the U of O, especially since (ahem) some of the school's other teams have been boosted by transfers from the States.
  • Ottawa native Garry Gallimore, who was involved in a very unfortunate incident one week ago tonight during an Atlantic conference basketball game, has resigned as an assistant coach of the St. Francis Xavier X-Men, one wek after an unfortunate incident during a game in Cape Breton.

    It is unfortunate and one hopes it would not put Gallimore off ooaching, if he has something to contribute. It was mistake, he took ownership, but one would hope that Cape Breton U. makes sure it's proactive rather than reactive when it comes to protecting visiting coaches and players.
  • Ravens/Gaels/Gee-Gees: Queen's 3-2 win over Carleton on Tuesday brought them within a point of Ottawa and within four of Carleton for the final playoff spots in the eastern half of the OUA.

    There is the possibility of divisional realignment in OUA men's hockey (Nipissing joining will bring it up to 19 teams). In the meantime, it would appear Queen's could get sneak in, based on the remaining schedule:
    Carleton (26 pointsw): Concordia, Ottawa, McGill, Trois-Rivieres
    Ottawa (23): McGill, Toronto, Carleton, Ryerson
    Queen's (22): RMC (twice), Ryerson
    Former 67 Brady Morrison, solid all season, finally got some offensive support in the past three games (former CJHL player Pat Doyle also had a goal and two assists in Queen's 3-2 overtime win over Carleton on Tuesday.

    Billy Burke has also popped in six goals in the past three games after scoring just three in the first 21 games. It's a wicked burn, since it's not surprising that Queen's has a player whose parents could buy the Kingston Frontenacs, but wouldn't you know it, they already own a team. They're not selling.
  • Guelph coach Shawn Camp summed up the educational mission of the university game pretty well in a recent interview with Hockey Now:
    "We have some great kids at the school that are very committed to becoming better players, they’re all excellent students. When new guys come to the program, they quickly understand that there's a certain level of expectation and culture that we’re trying to establish in terms of being a good student/athlete. It's a commitment. They have to be prepared to make some sacrifices in order to become better players and maintain a high average at school." — Shawn Camp
    That is about the size of it; Canadian university hockey has much to offer players who want to take advantage of their CHL scholarship money and play a decent calibre of hockey. The big hurdle to cross over is realizing how tough a calibre of hockey it is; a lot of coaches could fill a book with stories of players who expected the CIS to be a cakewalk.
U. of Guelph Head Coach Energized To Be Back in OUA (Mike Beasley, Hockey Now; via Big Man on Campus)


Duane Rollins said...

Is Steiner going to be on the alumni show. I miss listening to the Bast, er, dapper fellow.

[/former contributor to the CIS National Roundtable]

Anonymous said...

Nipissing had some scouts at last night's Vees game vs. Peterborough talking to quite a few players.