Monday, December 01, 2008

Snark break...

As you were ... getting a charge out of making people run to the dictionary, even though the rest of us got it out of our system by the age of 22.

From Daily Norseman: "...the Chicago Bears are no longer owned by the McCaskey family. It turns out that the Chicago Bears are now owned by Adrian Peterson." (Well, actually, they're owned by Jared Allen; six of one, half-dozen of another.)

The Blue Jays are probably going to offer A.J. Burnett arbitration. It's their best chance to get back two first-round draft choices, along with J.P. Ricciardi's Punisher War Journal 6, his copy of Fletch and the remote to the clubhouse TV.

It's nice of the Buffalo Bills to start playing like the Argos the week before their game in Toronto. An officially sponsored tailgate party? Only in Toronto. Feel free to complain there are no vegan alternatives.

(And 49ers-Bills should have been the game to get moved to Rogers Centre.)

Jack Todd on the hiring of Brian Burke: "I don't think Sam Pollock and Scotty Bowman together could win in Toronto." Of course they wouldn't -- they wouldn't be able to trade with the California Golden Seals.

(By the way, the media-coined Pope Brian label is irony, on a number of levels. The Vatican hasn't had a lot to hold its head high over lately, either.)

The Patriots' white wide receiver Wes Welker can take a hit like a champ:

The preceding was worth nothing, but this is worth noting:
  • Talk about being the presence of greatness ... talking about Ottawa native Erik Gudbranson getting to be interviewed by Kinger during yesterday's Frontenacs-Ottawa 67's game, not the other way around.

    Your goal today is to tack on "at least for now" into every sentence without anyone noticing.
  • A tip of the cap to a few Ottawa-area women's hockey players ... Cumberland's Jennifer Chaisson got the go-ahead goal for the UConn Huskies in their win over Yale at the Nutmeg Classic tourney. She had two points in a win over Wayne State where Melissa Boal of Pakenham scored her 99th career goal. putting her one way from being the fifth player in NCAA history to score 100.
  • The ol' alma mater, Ernestown Secondary School in Odessa, Ont., is having a fundraising drive for its football program You will donate, not just for the young men and women (well, one young woman, cornerback Sydney Compeau) who play for the Screaming Eagles, but for all the graduates of mid-'90s vintage who never got to pad up and lay out some Frontenac Falcon.
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Duane Rollins said...

Sadly, Rex had a point too. Not, as Neate implied, that anyone made it past the second paragraph.

eyebleaf said...

Damn, I felt that hit. And it hurt.

sager said...

The only trenchant point that gentleman has ever made is that it can be enriching, in a fiduciary sense, to be a pedantic putz.