Sunday, November 30, 2008

From the just-threw-up-in-my-mouth department

Far be it to give any nimrod out there is a blog obsession or relentless pursuit going on with David Frost.

It is just sporting for a seasoned ass-talker to note that Frost is "whole heartily" (his word) getting on the web with his Hockey God Online website ("hockey's most knowledgeable source"), as detailed by the Ottawa Citizen.

This is not a cavalier approach: If Frost is home maintaining a blog that he promises he will be "updated daily," then he's not out in public, which is where he tends to run into problems, although of course with him it is always someone else who's to blame, like the media.

Frosty is off to a pretty auspicious first week. Some men who were just acquitted on sexual exploitation charges would be lying low, but Frost has already put out the call to women with low self-esteem, offering them a "time to shine as the Hockey God Online’s Hockey Hottie of the month. We want you to email us a photo of your hottie wearing your favorite team sweater!"

The knowledgeable source has gone out on a limb by proclaiming the Stanley Cup-winning Mike Babcock is one of the league best "coach's" has a team that "lives and breaths the game."

Jarome Iginla, we are told from the insider, has a skill set can't be "found any where else." Frost is also promising Pro-Line picks. Today, he counselled people to take the New York Rangers at home over Florida "since they are use to" early games. That nugget was promptly deleted after the Panthers won 4-0.

Anyway, godspeed to David Frost with his new hobby. There is no use in getting worked up over this latest development. Like I said, anything is better for all concerned than him being in a position of influence over young people ever again.

I'm a hockey God: Dave Frost (Gary Dimmock, Ottawa Citizen; via From The Rink)


Rob Pettapiece said...

Frost has already put out the call to women with low self-esteem

Actually, the line you quoted shows him putting the call out to men who will then send in pictures of "their" women. But that can't be right, because Frost would never be involved in any kind of exploitation.

Anonymous said...

Also read who else is a contributing writer for the site. None other than Mike Jefferson er...Danton.

Andrew Bucholtz said...

Incredibly creepy, especially with the Danton connection. Doesn't this guy realize that now would be a good time to shut up and lay low?