Sunday, November 30, 2008

Rapids: Like a bad penny...

Carl at the The Unofficial Ottawa Rapids blog has come out swinging at the latest fertilizer spewing forth from the Can-Am League baseball team's ex-owner, who doesn't get the dignity of being identified.

Mr. Kiiffner's entire rebuttal should be read, but a few handy bullet points:
  • The knob in question is still trotting out that "million dollars a year in rent" malarkey that has long since been discredited. The lease on the ballpark is $108,000 for 2009. Everyone knew this all along. Move on, sir.
  • Any proposed rent increase once the sub-lease expires after the 2009 season would have gone to city council. This council on balance is not the greatest one that Ottawa's ever seen, but they have been onside with the Can-Am League.
  • The ex-owner is claiming he had no plans of developing the site into a year-round entertainment centre. This raises the question of why he wanted a 60-year lease.
  • One hates to look at this as someone trying to wiggle out from under his financial obligations:
    "They had X million dollars to buy the Stadium, but not pay the roughly $700K owing to their creditors (stripping out for the moment, the debt owed to Momentous)? While I fully concede my naivete with respect to business, how exactly does that happen? And aren’t the optics of the situation truly deplorable? Worse still, if I’m a Rapidz creditor reading the Sun last Wednesday, I’d be asking the Rapidz owner this question: If you have the money to buy the stadium, why don’t you have the money to pay me what you owe me?

    Here's a thought: If he’s really glad baseball is remaining in Ottawa and truly believes that 'it belongs here,' instead of being 'first in line' to buy RapidS tickets for himself in 2009, perhaps Mr. (blank) should settle the RapidZ debts to others first."
  • The dingus also said the lease prohibited loud, stand-alone rock concerts. Nickelback played there in July 2007. No one plays louder than Nickelback, unfortunately.
The sooner this gentleman goes away, the better off the baseball diehards in Ottawa will be.

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