Thursday, November 06, 2008

Snark Break...

Oh Moses, smell the blue roses.

To anyone who has a problem with Lennox Lewis' induction into Canada's Sports Hall of Fame: You are violating the one face to a person rule. When did we start caring so much about an institution that has been educed to having "artifacts of this country's athletic heritage" sitting "in storage boxes, out of sight?" (Toronto Star, Oct. 29.) How many pre-1990s Canadian Olympic gold medallists have not been inducted? Lewis met the standard for what he did fighting as Canadian. (The 2008 class included one athlete who won two bronzes. Seriously.)

Lyle Overbay is reminiscent of that Seinfeld where Elaine dated the jazz musician who "doesn't do everything." The Blue Jays probably should trade him. (See The Tao for more.)

Different sport, sticking with the Thursday night on NBC analogies: The Italian soccer player Alessandro Del Piero -- is Toronto FC really serious about bringing him in? -- has been likened to "The Office ... wearing the same formula thin and some people even argue it should be canceled. Yet every once in a while, there’ll be a hilarious episode that reminds us of why we loved it in the first place."

The Grey Cup will air in the U.S. on Versus, which claims it has 73 million viewers.

Kingston is bidding for the Ontario ParaSport Games and Ontario Senior Games -- worthy events (I covered a senior games one time in a past life -- good times), but not exactly top-drawer in terms of spectator appeal.

Granted, Kingston's hands are tied when it comes to going after something half-decent such as the World U17 hockey tournament or the CIS University Cup. Frontenacs owner Doug Springer will not stand for people seeing good hockey up close.

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eyebleaf said...

+1 on the Seinfeld reference. Hopefully trades talks will be "hot and heavy."