Thursday, November 06, 2008

Rapids: Still, hope remains

"Don't throw in the towel" is the message over at the Unofficial Ottawa Rapids Blog:
"Given that (Miles) Wolff is the Commissioner of the Can-Am League, as long as he’s continuing to try to land an ownership group, it’s difficult to say what the absolute “drop dead” date will be. In fairness to the other seven teams though, there will come a date where, Commissioner or not, a schedule will have to be set -- with or without an Ottawa franchise.
As Carl Kiiffner notes, last season the major challenge was getting a lease on Lynx Stadium. That is in place.


kinger said...

Is there no possibility that Wolff just runs the team himself, as was the plan before the Zipheads bought it?

Anonymous said...

I couldn't care less if baseball returns to Ottawa or not.
If you ever drove by the stadium on the Queensway or Coventry Road on an actual game day...well let's just you couldn't tell the difference from a non game day, anyway.
It's a sea of blue seats, as always.