Monday, November 24, 2008

Monday night snark ...

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Via From Deep: "Sam Mitchell. Is there anyone who doesn't want this guy fired right now?"

Slap Shot 3: The Junior League will be in stores tomorrow ... it's a good thing Paul Newman is already dead.

New rule: Anyone who purports to be some guardian of baseball but who spells Cal Ripken Jr. "Ripkin" and prefaces his oh-just-slightly-xenophobic rant by saying "Let me say right off that I have nothing personal against Indians in general," isn't worth a rebuttal.

(The Pittsburgh Pirates signed the two pitching prospects from India, righty Dinesh Patel and lefty Rinku Singh, which is awesome.)

Charlie Weis' record after Notre Dame's game at USC this weekend will be 28 wins, 21 losses. That's if they lose.

Strange, is it not, that Patrick Roy had his sweater retired by the Canadiens last Saturday and there was precious little in the media about his son Frédérick Roy viciously cross-checking a player during a game on Friday in Montréal (and getting suspended).


eyebleaf said...

Are all the Roy's jerks?

Andrew Bucholtz said...

Yeah, ridiculous article on the Indian players. What really bothered me about it is it read exactly like a lot of the columns back in the day in favour of keeping the Negro Leagues separate. I'd hoped we'd moved past that. Judging from Poz's book, I'd think Buck O'Neil would have a few things to say to this guy...