Monday, November 24, 2008

What, no one is going to argue Halak would have stopped it?

Hey, Montréal Canadiens fans, remember when you sat there all smug and haughty, when Bryan McCabe was unravelling in Toronto? Karma is a hideous bitch goddess sometimes.

The best part? It was a phantom penalty call.


eyebleaf said...


Duane Rollins said...

I've actually seen that happen twice before at games I was at...but in both occasions it was off of a missed shot that went around the end boards and all the way back into the empty net.

That was pretty wacky.

(not as wacky as the time I saw a goalie score with the other goaltender in the net , but wacky none-the-less).

Rob Pettapiece said...

Didn't this happen to the Ducks against the Wings one year? Delayed call on Detroit, someone passed back to the point but it went through the d-man's legs and over two blue lines and two red lines for a hilarious goal.