Thursday, October 16, 2008

Snark break: Oh, but it's new to us, love

Obligatory sideswipe at MLSE: Steve Yzerman is not good enough to rebuild the Leafs, but Wayne Gretzky says it is "no secret" he is good enough to be GM of Team Canada at the 2010 Olympics. Pierre LeBrun has also been hinting about Stevie Y for a couple days, but it's more definitive coming from the Great One.

(That would be Gretzky.)

Here's a prop bet: The Liberals will get back in office about the same time Michael Bishop gets through an entire CFL season without being benched.

Long story short, The Guardian over in England -- they speak really good European over there -- ran the same silly article about the Leafs that you've read 1,000 times. Cox Bloc has fired back.

NHLer Chris Chelios believes the doofus from Def Leppard placed the Stanley Cup upside-down on purpose.

There is no need to announce that Game 6 of the World Series will be pushed back to air a special by Barack Obama. It will long be over by then — the Series, not the election.

(See. Non-partisan political humour is possible. It's just blander than the federal leaders in Canada — all of them.)

The Portland Winter Hawks will soon have their new owner. And another domino falls in Doug Springer's quest to be hailed as the worst owner in the Canadian Hockey League.

(The Guardian is great, yet somehow "peak" instead of "peek" made it into print, proving once again that spell check will make idiots of us all, eventually. Also, apparently pointing out that "north of the U.S. border, ESPN's hockey coverage lasts a good deal longer than it does in the U.S.," is an apposite observation overseas).

This post is worth nothing, but this is worth noting
  • A couple junior hockey players from our neck of the woods, Jeremy Franklin of Bath, Ont., and David Pratt of Napanee, who play with the Wellington Dukes, have been selected to play for Canada East at the World Junior A Challenge in Camrose, Alta., in next month.

    As further proof all Canadians know each other, David Pratt's mother teaches with Kathie Sager, Official Mom of Out of Left Field, whose former students include Jeremy Franklin.

    David Pratt is apparently planning to play NCAA hockey at Clarkson University, by the way.
  • Taking Note reports that the Kingston Frontenacs' Taylor Doherty and Ethan Werek are both among the Top 30 NHL draft prospects, according to Central Scouting. Doherty is No. 20 on the International Scouting Service list.
  • John Murray, the overage goalie who was a bit of a band-aid on a brain tumour for the Frontenacs last season, has signed with the ECHL's Ontario Reign. The team is based in California, by the way.
  • There's another Doornekamp coming down the pipeline ... the Whig-Standard had a feature on a 15-year-old basketball player named Laura Doornekamp (cousin of Aaron and Nate, for those of you scoring at home).


Andrew Bucholtz said...

Aha, a non-evil David Pratt... figured there must be one lurking somewhere. Fortunately, it's more difficult to plagiarize hockey skills than sports columns...

sager said...

First time I read that, I thought of the David Pratt who ran in my riding (Ottawa West-Nepean).

Tyler King said...

Anyone who's lived in England isn't surprised to see mounds of typos in the Guardian. Private Eye refers to them as "the Grauniad".

You know what else is very funny? A man dressed in women's clothing.

sager said...

Tyler, please don't start quoting the 90 per cent of Monty Python that isn't funny.