Friday, October 17, 2008

Bill Simmons' bunch can only Crowe for one more day

This was the perfect clip after 6½ innings last night. You know what, screwit, as far as any of our lot knows, it still is.
"Over. You got here just in time for the death rattle – last gasp, last grope."
The Tampa Bay Rays would have taken it if they had been told Monday morning that they would win 2-of-3 at Fenway Park, score 29 runs in three games and rack up Boston starters Jon Lester, Tim Wakefield and Daisuke Matsuzaka. As Poz put it,
"I was there in St. Louis two days after Albert Pujols hit the most staggering home run imaginable off Brad Lidge. And I watched Houston’s Roy Oswalt stick it in the Cardinals ear ,.. And I told myself then to not forget that momentum in baseball is probably 85% myth. And realistically, the Rays have been close to invincible at home, they still have the destiny thing going, and they’re too young to know any better anyway."
A million and one people will say it better, but coming back to win after being seven runs down with seven outs to go shows why baseball is the tops. That is bits of Boise State trick-play triptych, Frank Reich bringing the Buffalo Bills back and Liverpool in the 2005 Champions League final all rolled into one. It didn't involve a trick play or penalty kicks, which tells you something about why the game is so great.

No sane person could tell you if momentum matters and the Red Sox will pull out this series, because what you saw is insane.

(Joe Maddon ... Dan Wheeler in the seventh inning ... Why?)


Duane Rollins said...

Junior Felix. This post demands a little Junior Felix.

Anonymous said...

Some have described last night's game as a choke job for Tampa, but I disagree.
It was a screw up, for sure, but no choke.
Now if the Rays were to go on and lose this series, then it's a choke.
Bottom line, the Rays rocked the Sox pitching for 29 runs in three games at Fenway.
Last night's miracle may have only staved off the inevitable.