Thursday, October 16, 2008

Numbers, numbers, numbers

The great thing about bidding for a major international multi-sport games is that few people ever go back to look at your projected numbers after the party is awarded.

So, you can write press releases that proclaim "VANOC reports solid financial position for 2007-08 fiscal year" and most will just shrug and grunt. The truly geeky, however, could compare the publicaly available fiscal statement, with the original bid book projections.

Have fun, if you are so inclined.

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Jordie Dwyer said...

I'm sorry...but even for us sports nuts that owe money on student loans because they stupidly received a Bachelor of Commerce degree that is only useful when you need make people like VANOC look like complete idiots (however, it isn't that much of a stretch)....not even I want to wade through the junk that is those financial statements. Why? because I'd simply get sick to my stomach knowing how much I'm overpaying for the right to bring (even more) tourists to Vancouver in the winter.