Friday, October 24, 2008

Philly fires back at rumormongers

Although I'm sure they would deny it, officials in Philadelphia reacted today to rumours that surfaced suggesting that Montreal would be given the go ahead to start in MLS in 2010 in replace of Philly.

In a release posted to the expansion team's official web site, CEO Nick Sakiewicz suggests that all is well.

“Everything is going very well,” he said. “It’s been about eight months since we announced the franchise and the months have flown by. We’ve done mountains of work behind the scenes, including securing all necessary permits to start construction. We’re fully locked and loaded with the stadium site and cleanup is well underway.”

An official press release is hardly proof of anything, but, of course, neither is discussion board scuttlebutt. There has been limited work on the Philly stadium site, which is the main reason that the rumours won't die. Still, the team says it will break ground in mid-November.

Soccer fans, especially in Philadelphia and Montreal, will watch with interest.

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