Friday, October 24, 2008

Shameless self-promotion

First of all, I'm not going anywhere. If Neate was dumb enough to give me a set of keys, I'm hardly going to give them back voluntarily. But, I have realized that there might be a market out there for something all my own.

Moments ago, I launched the Canadian soccer blog The 24th Minute. With a name inspired by Danny Dichio's historic first ever TFC goal, The 24th Minute will endeavor to provide Canadian soccer fans with daily news and commentary about the world's game--all from a Canadian perspective.

It will be modeled off of Soccer By Ives in that the it will attempt to break news rather than just react to it (I did go to J-school after all).

I will still post soccer news to OOLF. There are still a lot of topics that demand a general audience. But, the true soccer geek will find a home at the 24th Minute. Hopefully the casual fan will come over from time to time too.


eyebleaf said...

Great idea, Duane. I'm going to be commenting like a mother sucker over there, just like I do here. I hope you don't mind. If you do, tough!

And, seriously, great name for the blog. Love it. Absolutely love it.

Jordie Dwyer said...

Your site is now in my bookmarks...right next to Neate's.
It's my morning pick up to get my brain thinking about sports - before I have to actually write about them.