Monday, September 29, 2008

Snark Break ...

ESPN's John Saunders referred to the Buffalo Bills as "Canada's Team" during The Sports Reporters on Sunday.

A couple friends, through the magic of secondary ticketing, scored tickets to the Patriots-Bills game in late December for $75 US apiece. They're in the corner of the end zone, seven rows up from the field. In Toronto, 75 bucks US won't even entitle you to drive by Rogers Centre on Dec. 7, the day the Bills "host" the Dolphins.

Raptors coach Sam Mitchell is swearing off cursing. His next bit of self-improvement will be swearing off coaching, but that will come involuntarily.

The Seattle Mariners said over the weekend they'll be "color blind and gender blind" in their GM search -- instead of merely talent blind. (Seriously, Kim Ng will be the first female general manager in a major pro sport. How is awesome is that?)

This is what the Oakland Raiders have come to — trying something that only works in a video game if you have the right Madden cheat card. Raiders coach Lane Kiffin allowed Sebastian Janikowski to try a 76-yard field goal.

The Spokane Chiefs held a ceremony to commemorate their Memorial Cup championship. Kingston Frontenacs GM-coach Larry Mavety denied

Paul Newman was a kick-ass philanthropist, won an Academy Award, served in the Battle of Okinawa, made Richard Nixon's Enemies List and all some of you lot will remember him by is Reggie Dunlop ... you're selling him short ... Absence of Malice was a pretty damn good movie too.

(Epic Carnival, by the way, has a new look.)


Mike said...

The Bills might as well be Canada's team at least half their season ticket holders - much like the Sabres - are from the Niagara region. They have a Canada Day game in Buffalo for all the Canadian fans where they sing both national anthems, does this happen elsewhere around the NFL? I agree the prices for the game at the Dome are ridiculous.

Love the Sam Mitchell comment, awesome! :) I too think he's just waiting it out, BC couldn't fire him last yr it would've made him look real bad had he done it. He will be gone though soon enough (to Marty York's delight!)

Anonymous said...

The Bills aren't exactly "Canada's Team"...more like the unofficial NFL team of the GTA and the Golden Horseshoe.
Ironically, landing the Bills franchise in Toronto will be bad news for the thousands of Canadian fans who trekked to Orchard Park.
The attraction of Bills football, beside the proximity to southern Ontario, is the cheap ticket price.
Bills' tickets have always been among the least expensive in the NFL.
If the franchise come to the Rogers Centre, with its considerably smaller capacity that revenue will be made up by much higher ticket prices.

Actually....who am I kidding?
Even if the Rogers Centre far exceeded Orchard Park's capacity you know damn well fans would be charged an arm and a leg for tickets because...well, because they can.

Mike said...

My Dad keeps making light to how Balsillie will pass up an NHL franchise to buy land in Cambridge and put a Toronto team there, loves quoting it! I doubt that's going to happen, and in all likelihood the team WILL land in the Rogers Centre should it come up North, but interesting concept considering a good number of NFL teams kind of put their stadiums out in the middle of nowhere already ;)