Monday, September 29, 2008

Return of the Round Ball and the Raptors!

NBA training camps open today!

And with the return the headlines, at least around Toronto anyways, have shifted away (if only slightly) from Matt Sundin's continuing efforts to make a decision or Ron Wilson's latest more realistic remark on the Leafs players and the teams future to the Raptors season ahead!

From the unveiling of the much anticipated third jerseys (black, red & silver = YES!), to signs of refreshing excitement from the Raps newest acquisition Jermaine O'Neal, to furthering Chris Bosh's place among the more marketable NBA players, the more meaty articles are beginning to make an appearance onc more. And yeah that's right I said it, Bosh is one of the more marketable up-and-coming players! Despite every Toronto and Canadian basketball fans "favourite" hoops analyst Charlie Rosen's disapproval, Chris Bosh is becoming a more significant player around the League both on and off the court, which is what more NBA superstars should strive to become - a face that can transcend other boundaries and bring positive attention to the Association (not just attention thru any controversies or criminal acts).

(on a sidenote I know Rosen, employed of Fox Sports, has just refused to throw the Raps a bone at any point - he's never given the team the benefit of the doubt while others like John Hollinger and Mark Stein of ESPN have — but with the status of star players around the League you'd think he might try and embrace a fresh faced, techno saavy, media friendly player like Bosh...but alas, guess old habits die hard and Bosh will continue to receive heat because he plays in Toronto.)

Getting back on track though it is nice to see that articles have returned to basketball up here in Canada, the oft neglected sport in town. It's an outside shot the Raptors have serious success this season but there is a great chance they could capture the attention of the town once again if the trio of Bosh, O'Neal and Jose Calderon stay healthy and mesh well together. Hopefully the attention of the media within town splits a little more as the season progresses, while Michael Grange over at the Globe and Mail and Doug Smith at The Toronto Star do a good job there deserves to be a bit more written about Canada's lone team.

I'll be doing a regular basketball segment on here so stay tuned for more Hoops news to come! And to all enjoy the return of the round ball!

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