Saturday, August 23, 2008

Snark break...

While you were trying to figure how many nights on the couch buying a $300 Lego set would cost you ...

  • The Jays' lack of power officially hit self-parody with the addition of Jose Bautista, who washad been sent to the minors even though he had more homers in the majors this season (12) than any Toronto hitter (11).

    It's too bad that comedy trope had to die one day before Willie Harris of the Washington Nationals has now cracked the magical 12 homers before the end of August plateau. Harris came into the season with seven homers in seven years, plus his double-flap batting helmet and smallish stature make him look like even more of a Triple-A player than playing for the Washington Nationals does.  

    (jamiecampbell actually referred to the Jays' "double-digit home runs club" last night.)
  • The modern pentathlon, whatever that is, might not be much longer for the Olympics. If it's eliminated, it would a tragedy on par with the demise of the nickel steak.
  • Who hasn't wanted to correct grammar and spelling on a public sign?
  • The individuals at Entertainment Weekly responsible for the claim that Jerry Maguire is "Cameron Crowe's most quotable script" should be strapped into a chair with their eyeballs propped open Clockwork Orange-style and forced to watch Say Anything, Fast Times At Ridgemont High and Almost Famous on a continuous loop until they're so bumfuzzled they think Lloyd Dobler and Jeff Spicoli were competing for Penny Lane.
  • The judge in Kingston hockey player Jamie Arniel's drunk-driving case feels like he might have got off a little lightly.

The last time this many Cards were wasted, Dennis Green was still coaching in Arizona.

Stuff that's kind of a big deal (but not so big to get its own post)
  • For those of you who have been following Puck Daddy's "5 Ways I'd Change The NHL" feature, James Mirtle will be posting on Monday. It should be good.
  • Remember the name: Rush end Arnaud Gascon-Nadon, of Montreal, was judged the top newcomer during the Rice Owls' training camp.
  • Some half-assed effort -- no, three-quarters assed effort -- will be to get an advance reading copy of Drew Magary's Men With Balls for a future "Cooking the Books."

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