Saturday, July 12, 2008

The Summer of Brett, cont'd... (updated, of course)

So do you want a symposium of Favre talk, or what?

The feeling here is that Favre ought to call the Green Bay Packers' bluff and show up to training camp -- there's nothing stopping him.

(Update: The latest, as Dennis points out in the comments, is that the Packers have vowed not to release the Favrerian one. In other words, he can come be Aaron Rodgers' backup -- fat chance of that happening. It's ancient history, but he wasn't the eager backup during his one-year whistle stop in Atlanta years and years ago.)

Drew Magary (Kissing Suzy Kolber's Big Daddy Drew): "So you wanna play for the Vikings now, asshole? Well, Daddy already picked a Chosen One on their squad. So get bent. If you do manage to go turn that team into a goddamn soap opera, I got a radical new throw for you. It’s called a pitch-out. Give the ball to that fucker in the backfield who can run through an ice floe.

Otherwise, you can suck my holy balls."

Peter King: "Mark my words: Unless Favre agrees to some sort of handshake, gentleman agreement that he'll steer clear of the NFC North, there's no way the Packers will allow him to go free."

Judd Zulgad (Minny Star-Tribune): "A sports radio station out of Milwaukee, WSSP, is reporting on its website that the Vikings 'already have inquired about signing [Brett] Favre, pending his release from the Packers.' (Technically, the Vikings would have had to call the Packers because Favre is under contract to the team.)

Tom Pelissero (Green Bay Press-Gazette): "...there is a substantial faction of younger (Packers) who are eager to play with (Aaron) Rodgers. Favre is at least a decade older than all but six guys on the roster. He dressed in his own locker room. He had minimal social interaction with teammates. Rodgers is one of the guys, and plenty of them are pulling for him."

Adam Schefter (yes, he actually spelled "come back" as one word): "Should Favre opt to comeback before training camp kicks off later this month, he and the Packers will have to reach some type of agreement as to where he will play. There are some within the Packers organization hesitant to allow him to do it there, and others who are more receptive to the idea."

"While Minnesota certainly could have interest in Favre the problem is that there is no indication the Packers are going to grant Favre his wish and release him."

(Update: Favre-carvers rejoice: Former Packers nosetackle Gilbert Brown doesn't want No. 4 taking the spotlight off him during his induction into the Packers Hall of Fame on July 20.)


Dennis Prouse said...

The Packers have come up with an interesting counter to Favre`s release request -- they say they will bring him to camp, but as a backup to Aaron Rodgers. Makes sense -- the Packers get to see if Rodgers is truly their guy, and Favre is there to come off the bench when needed, which might be a better role for him at this stage of his career anyway. Of course, he won`t go for it, as his ego won`t allow it, but if Favre was truly the great teammate and down to earth guy the mythology has made him out to be, he would. He could also ease into coaching if he wished, although apparently the Packers have said no to a coaching role for him for now.

Robert C. said...

I understand Packers wanting to move on, but their "spin" on this has been horrible. GM saying he was 'on vacation' when they tried to contact him. Now the backup thing. Just say you want Rogers as the QB and tell Favre he'll be traded. They're just adding to the soap opera with all this.