Saturday, July 12, 2008

Hoops: Joseph passes on summer ball

"Devoe Joseph, the Canadian basketball star who has signed with the (Minnesota)Gophers, was expected to enroll in summer school after his Olympic tryout butapparently will wait until fall to enroll. This is a blow to Tubby Smith, who wanted the outstanding guard to work out this summer with other recruits in the Howard Pulley League."-- Minneapolis Star-Tribune

It's entirely possible that Joseph is little wiped after a full summer getting ready for the FIBA under-19s last summer in Serbia, followed by his high school and club seasons, then the national team's training camp. This could affect how many minutes he gets as a freshman in the Big Ten, though.

Minnesota, according to the column, is supposed to visit Syracuse early in the season (the Orange website still lists last season's schedule). Between Joseph playing for Minnesota and SU having Andy Rautins and freshman forward Kris Joseph of Montreal, there'll be a few Canadians than usual travelling down for the game, even with the $4/gallon gas.


Greg said...

Sorry, but Joseph is making a mistake here. I respect all he's done and is trying to accomplish, but this is NCAA basketball in the bruising Big 10 (11). He needs to be in Minny early, in my opinion.

sager said...

Thank you, Greg, I was hoping someone who knows his roundball would say it!

It's an odd decision.

Btw, those Big Ten folk get mad when you don't write out the 'ten,' even though the conference has 11 teams (although I'll be cold in the ground before I acknowledge Penn State).

Greg said...

I hate the fact the Big 10 went to the Big 10 (11). I'm as big a Michigan fan and Big 10 (11) fan as there is (except I hate OSU).

That said, the Big 10 (11) brand of basketball certainly isn't finesse. This is a banging, bruising brand of basketball. An early start would have helped Joseph.

sager said...

We'll have to keep a monitor on Devoe's minutes at Minnesota. It was going to be tough for him no matter what.

That settles it. We're calling it the Big Eleven.

(It was cool that Penn State was welcomed in, but couldn't they have kicked someone out? I guess Northwestern would have been the one to go.)