Sunday, July 13, 2008

Sweet sixteen for TFC: Ibrahim scores first goal for club

Abdusalam Ibrahim's goal -- brilliant! splendid! -- takes a lot of the sting out of Toronto FC losing to Chicago in the dying seconds. He's not even 17 years old for a couple weeks yet!

The hardcore footy followers know all about Ibrahim, but he got my attention, which is saying something. Duane can better speak to the fallout from TFC falling to .500 on the season and 1-6 on the road (heck, the invite is open -- replace this post with something good, D.R.).

It's been rough patch for the Reds of late, but they'll look to win in front of the Red Patch Boys next Saturday vs. San Jose. (Scott Russell should give it that smoothly.)

Edit: Duane here - That was a tough one. Really tough. Toronto needs a confidence booster on the road and it looked like it was going to get just that until a two second breakdown on the wrong part of the pitch took care of that.

On again, off again whipping-boy Marco Velez is once again the goat, allowing the ball to bounce frustratingly over his head to the waiting Chicago attacker.

As Neate indicated, Ibrahim was the story. When he was acquired from Dallas last month there wasn't much ado. I suspect the attention (and the pressure) is about to increase. I'm not sure if throwing the kid out as a starter is the right thing to do just yet, but his play demands more time on the pitch.

TFC had better look better look to win in front of RPB next week--U-Sector and North End Elite too. San Jose at home is a must win for any team that thinks it deserves to be in the playoffs.

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