Tuesday, July 29, 2008

An Olympic guide to gettin' groovy

Beyond being a great athletic spectacle, the Olympics also tend to become the world's biggest hook-up party, especially as the Games come to a close. Think about it--you have a bunch of attractive people, mostly in their 20s, that have been denying themselves life's pleasures for four years.

It's surprising that they aren't copulating on the streets, really.

Proving that there are a least some Chinese with a sense of humour the condom company Elasun has come out with a brilliant marketing tie in to the Games.

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The rings

1 comment:

sager said...

"Hey, isn't that the Swedish beach voleyball player?"
"Who's SHE here with?"
"She's with me."
"All right, Peter! Ooh! Ooh! Right on... Make sure you wear a rubber, dude."
"Why is that, Drew?"
"Are you kidding me? She gets around. All right?"
"She does, does she?"
"Oh, yeah. Like a record."
"Like, with who?"
"Oh, let's see, uh... Hell, Lumbergh fucked her. Ha ha ha. Oh, let me see who else..."