Thursday, July 03, 2008

NFC Norris: They created a Green monster

Break out the small violins for the Packer cheeseheaded faithful.

"The Packers don't want him back at this point, yet they can't release him and let him go to another team without creating a public-relations nightmare.

"Think about it. What would the reaction be if Favre came to Lambeau Field for the regular-season opener as the quarterback of the Minnesota Vikings?"
-- Wisconsin State Journal
That probably ain't happenin', not with a brand-new season of Project Tarvaris set to debut in less than a month. Hands up, everyone who's kind of impressed Brett Favre made it almost to the U.S. July 4 holiday without a comeback story getting into wide circulation, even if it might be just Grade-A bullflop. There's really not much else to say that wouldn't come off as splenetic ranting from a Vikings fans, so let's just leave it at saying there is some sympathy toward someone trying to make the transition out of the pro-athlete bubble back to quote, unquote civilian life.

Besides, hints of a Favre return have kind of been prophesied:

Vikings fans are resigned to the deep-down suspicion that No. 4 is going to torment us until the end of time. In my mind's eye, I see myself waking up in 202... doing The New York Times Sunday crossword puzzle with my bride... Minnesota-born Rachael Leigh Cook, who will look better than any 46-year-old mother of three (Joni, Zevon and Neil) has any right to look... Both of us will be fully aware but will not give voice to our mutual fear that Favre is going to come of retirement 10 minutes before pregame warmups and throw for 342 yards and four touchdowns.
-- Dec. 18, 2006
Meantime, it's far better to read up Vikes D-lineman Kenechi Udeze receiving bone marrow from his brother, Thomas Barnes, to aid his fight against leukemia.


Jeff Dertinger said...

I kind of hope far-ve does come back, He can keep that team in perpetual confusion for as long as he wants.
Plus, by now he's really got to be messing with the Rodgers kid's head. That guy is gonna snap sooner or later, and when he does . . . it's going to be hilarious.
"I'm 40! I'm a man! And I'm still backing up Brett Favre!"

As for my Bears, we do have one good thing going for us. Out of the 70 total draft picks already signed, the Bears have signed 11 of them.

One to go!

sager said...

Isn't the one to go the Bears first-rounder?

I saw the running back, Matt Forte, signed.... there's only one Adrian Peterson losing sleep over that, and isn't the one who wears the sacred Purple.