Thursday, July 03, 2008

Count the Tony Gabriel sightings ...

Every other site of consequence has already posted the new CFL ad campaign.

Our league includes games where a team can actually produce more than one touchdown in a game, which four of the league's eight teams failed to do in Week 1. Granted, the defences are usually ahead of the offences this early in the season.


Tyler King said...

Those references to John Candy always tear me up - probably one of the greatest ownership groups in pro sports history.

As a sidenote, whaddya think Larry Smith thought about that?

"Where were the Baltimore CFL Football Club? The legendary Baltimore CFL Football Club!"

sager said...

They were great for a year.

John Candy's still the funniest sumbitch to come out of Scarberia.

Take that, Mike Myers.

Tyler King said...

Hear hear.