Wednesday, April 23, 2008


The sensitive, progressive sports fan does acknowledges that cheerleading is a sport. Younger females do seem to take to it as an athletic activity, which considering all the issues with inactive kids, should be viewed as somewhat of a positive. So how do you reconcile all that with not being a snivelling, sexist, bitter bastard after seeing this gem put together by the cheerleaders for Arena Football League's Philadelphia Soul?

Meantime, cheers to the Vikings -- all-everything defensive end Jared Allen will be wearing the sacred purple in exchange for a first-rounder and two thirds going to the Kansas City Chiefs.

(The only downside is you can't wear a No. 69 jersey out in public, unless you have really good self-esteem.)

Allen is guaranteed just slightly more money than the Miami Dolphins have committed to pay a left tackle straight out of college, Jake Long, so yes, this is exciting.

Quoth the Daily Norseman, "Well, we're living here in Allen-Town / And we're shutting all the offenses down."

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