Wednesday, April 23, 2008


Here's hoping that all the CFL lovers noticed that Moncton had a groundbreaking yesterday for a  stadium yesterday (thanks for posting the correction) that could be expanded, judging by the artist's conception.

It's ostensibly for the world junior track and field championships in two years' time, and goodness knows every degenerate sports gambler can't wait to get some money down on the 4 x 400 relay and the hammer throw (always beat on someone from Eastern Europe in that one, by the way). It's worth having on the radar screen while Ottawa hems and haws over what to do with Lansdowne Park. The CFL might be wary of bringing in two new franchises within a short timeframe.

(Missed this a few days earlier, but best wishes to a Canadian running back/special teamer, Mike Bradley, who retired from the Edmonton Eskimos over the weekend. Bradley was one in a long line of outstanding CIS backs who never got a crack at being a featured back in the next league.)

New stadium puts hopes for a CFL franchise on high (Dave Crase, Can West News Service)


Pattington said...

Just a note that Moncton is hosting the event in two years time, not two weeks. If they could build a 28,000 seat stadium in that time frame, sign them up to build my house1

sager said...

Obviously, two years.... someone's got a lot on his mind at the moment; mistakes happen.

Pete Toms said...

N, thanks I hadn't seen this elsewhere. Interesting. I'm betting on Moncton joining the CFL before Ottawa. Our council will still be jawing about the future of Lansdowne 2 years ( and more ) from now.

BTW, Happy Anniversary!

GoGades said...

Small, but important correction:

From the Times & Transcript (Moncton) article on the subject:
" A mix of fixed and temporary bleachers will allow for a number of
seating combinations that will give the facility a capacity of up to
20,000 spectators for sporting events and up to as much as 28,000 for
concerts or other events in which the infield can be used for

Translation: that is not a CFL-suitable facility in that configuration: a) 20k seats is not enough b) temporary bleachers are also not acceptable - at least, that's what I was told with regards to Frank Clair Stadium' lower south side replacements.

sager said...

Good find, Double-G ... that 28,000 figure came straight from the Can West article (that ran chain-wide, cough, cough).

Pete Toms said...

I don't follow CFL when Ottawa doesn't have a franchise - like now, so...I honestly don't know, what do the TiCats & Bombers draw presently? ( And what do those numbers mean, how many are contra tickets and freebies? ) I see headlines about the cap ( didn't the Als get fined? ) but don't read the stories. Is the CFL actually enforcing a cap? ( It was a joke when I last followed the league during the Gades brief era ) The Watters fronted group complained bitterly that they were sold a model based on an enforced cap.

Pro sports does work in some smaller canadian cities. Regina / CFL, Winnipeg & Quebec City / indy ball ( Edmonton indy ball is in it's death throes ). Maybe Moncton could join the ranks?

GoGades said...

Pete, going on memory, Hamilton and Winnipeg had about 23k and 26k avergae attendance in 2007.

Apparently, the cap *is* being enforced this time around. Of course, and I'm sure Dennis will chime in on this, it's set way too high at $4.2M, and so most teams are still only barely breaking even, if that.

sager said...

The Bombers seem pretty solid, even though the franchise lost money last season (which tells you all you need to know about how the league enforces the salary cap).

Bob Young, the Hamilton owner, kind of gives off the vibe that he's not too worried if the team loses money, cuz he's got so much already. They have Casey Printers, so they're selling hope.

Dennis Prouse said...

The most important element lacking for a Maritime franchise is an owner, someone with deep pockets prepared to lose money. As Phil mentioned already, the $4.2 million salary cap is not supported by league wide revenues. CFL revenues have not doubled in the last five years, not even close, yet the cap has doubled. What they are trying to do, of course, is recognize the fact that the deep pocketed teams are going to spend that much anyway.

I think the league would love to expand by two teams, Ottawa and an Atlantic team, in order to get to an even 10 teams. I am not holding my breath, though, waiting for an ownership group to come forward. If it is not the Irvings or the Sobeys, it's hard to think of who else.

Anonymous said...

Funny , when talking about FC stadium, nobody ever brings up the subject of federal money.

The feds put up $27 milion towards the cost of the Toronto soccer stadium that is used for Pro MLS So who says the feds do not subsidize pro sports?
The feds have promised $32.5 toward refurbishimg PEPS stadium in QC, and building a sports complex around it. The province is picking up most of the rest of the cost
The feds are contributing toward the Moncton stadium which maritimers openly hope will may be used someday for pro fotball. So why isn't Ottawa lining up for some of these federal handouts to bring FC stadium up to snuff? Do we need to bring another FIFA tournament or the Francophone games here again to get fed money;because the feds would not subsidize Pro sport stadiums would they? Oops , I think I just pointed out that they do. Oh, and there was the transfer of federal lands for the price of one dollar. The land that the ACC is built on.
Nah, the feds never subsidize pro sport stadiums, so I guess it is silly for Canada's Capital to ask for federal help to rebuild FCS.

sager said...

That's politics, although isn't John Baird a big football supporter, with a lot of power in Harper's cabinet?

Anonymous said...

Its 8500 seats, with the ability to add 10,000 temporary seats. Its 28,000 for a concert, with people on the field!

Very poor fact checking by this author!

sager said...

Fair enough, please show your attribution for the 8,500 and the change will gladly be made. Nobody's perfect.

National Post:

"Some $3-million in additional funding came Moncton's way Tuesday for a 28,000-seat stadium at Université de Moncton."

Moncton Times-Transcript:

"With the new redesign, capacity's going to be going up to 10,000 permanent seats," said the source. "It's going to allow for temporary seating as well. The full capacity will be 28,000 people."

Moncton Times-Transcript, April 23:

"The stadium's permanent seating capacity will increase to 10,000 from 8,000. There is also capacity for an additional 10,000 bleacher seats if needed, boosting the total capacity of the stadium to 20,000 seats, large enough to handle many events that the city cannot today host for lack of facilities."

That's three news stories and none say 8,500. Sounds like you have one hell of a scoop.