Saturday, March 22, 2008


As you were trying to see things from the OmniTouch point of view...
  • Daily Norseman ponders whether the Vikings would really cut off their nose to spite their face trade All-Pro left tackle Bryant McKinnie.
  • A day in the life of people who produce pirated DVDs. Who knew there was another trick that involved poking a hole in the popcorn bag?
  • It is possible to be ribald at a hockey game without making gay fans feel uncomfortable. New York Rangers fans ought to try joining the 21st century.
  • Well, that was just dumb: Guy buys raffle ticket and put it's his neighbour's name; neighbour wins the car.
  • Dave Zirin notes how Brett Favre embodied an archetype that was restricted to white athletes; that was written here a couple weeks ago, but it didn't seem like such an individious thing. How has Brett Favre-bashing not made it to Stuff White People Like?
  • The inaugural Canadian Women's Hockey League championship goes today; the odds it gets a mention on Hockey Night in Canada? (Kingston's own Jayna Hefford is playing for Brampton in the final vs. Mississauga, so go Brampton.)

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